On April 1, Twitch streamer MeltIsLIVE, also known as “Melt,” got into a car crash while streaming an IRL session from his car.

During the livestream, Melt actively engaged his viewers while driving during the night, occasionally checking his phone. Viewers were concerned about this and reminded Melt to stop using his phone, but to no avail.

Moments later, Melt showed a text message he received to his viewers and attempted to pull over. However, as he attempted to merge lanes, the Melt car crash took place as he collided with another vehicle.

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Melt car crash didn’t stop him from continuing to stream after

Melt car crash on Twitch
Screenshot by Gray Giron/ONE Esports

Despite the crash, Melt resumed streaming, showcasing the damage to his car and engaging in a heated exchange with the other driver. 

Viewers and even his mods warned him again to delete the VOD of the incident since he was streaming using his phone while driving. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries from the incident.

However, it did see Melt banned shortly after the incident.

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Credit: Twitch

While Melt has not confirmed the reason for the ban, his actions violated the streaming platforms policies regarding safety. Twitch’s community guidelines prohibit “dangerous or distracted driving” on stream. Despite the setback, Melt expressed optimism on Twitter, signaling his intention to bounce back from the ordeal.

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