Yes, you read that right — streaming giant Netflix now has its own virtual YouTuber (vtuber for short) named N-ko Mei Kurono. She is a half-sheep, half-human persona from California.

N-ko proudly parades in Netflix colors black and red, with long, fluffy, white hair and a pair of circular horns to indicate her species. She also wears a mini letter “N” hair clip on her right hair side part which either stands for Netflix or simply her own name.

This vtuber is basically Netflix Anime’s new brand ambassador. N-ko will be updating viewers on the latest animated shows available on Netflix. She also promised to share a few of her recommendations on Netflix Anime’s YouTube channel as a part of her weekly show, The N-ko Show.

Anime fans would surely relate a lot to N-ko, especially since she loves getting massages and loathes writing in Kanji, Japan’s most complicated writing system.

N-ko also teased the vtuber community of future collaborations with her vtuber senpais. Who wants to see Gawr Gura, Kizuna AI, N-ko, and all the other vtubers in one special video?

Netflix’s Head of Anime, Editorial, & Publishing Rob Pereyda shared the concept behind the birth of N-ko.

“A lot of us at Netflix are big vtuber fans, so when we looked at how we could find new ways to connect our members with anime titles they’ll love, creating our own vtuber was one of the first ideas that came to mind,” said Pereyda.

You can catch more of this Netflix vtuber in The N-ko Show starting April 30 at 9:00 a.m. GMT+8 only on Netflix Anime’s YouTube channel.

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