Netflix’s Avatar live action series has captured the hearts of fans with its adaptation of the epic Nickelodeon animated series.

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One member of the cast is the Azula actress, who is making a significant impact by bringing life to the cunning and formidable princess of the Fire Nation.

Here’s a peek into the profile of the Avatar live action Azula actress, including her previous projects.

Azula actress: Who plays the Fire Nation princess in the Avatar live action?

Elizabeth Yu is Azula in the Avatar lve action Netflix series.
Credit: David Kaptein, Nickelodeon

Elizabeth Yu, known for her roles in “May December” and “Year One,” has brought a new depth and complexity to the character, showcasing her talent in the realm of fantasy and drama.

Elizabeth Yu’s journey in the entertainment industry began with her debut in the 2022 film “Somewhere in Queens.” Her performance as a college student named Ruby in the coming-of-age film “Year One,” directed by Lauren Loesberg, marked her presence as a rising star.

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It was in January 2023 that Elizabeth Yu truly made waves when she was cast in “May December,” a black comedy directed by Todd Haynes.

This marked a significant step in her career, and the actress continued to build her repertoire with roles in an NBC drama pilot and other projects.

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In the Avatar live action series, Elizabeth Yu takes on the challenging role of Princess Azula, a firebending prodigy and the younger sister of Zuko.

Azula is known for her manipulative and sadistic nature, and Yu skillfully brings these qualities to life on screen.

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t watched Avatar live action series.

The portrayal of Avatar live action Azula

Here's our first look at Elizabeth Yu as Azula in costume in Netflix Avatar live action
Credit: Netflix

The character is introduced infiltrating a group of rebels planning to assassinate Fire Lord Ozai. Azula’s cold and calculating demeanor is evident as she leads the rebels to their demise, showcasing the depth of her ruthlessness. Yu’s portrayal captures the essence of Azula’s character, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

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The series delves deeper into Azula’s complex relationship with her father, Fire Lord Ozai. Despite her attempts to claim credit for the discovery of the Avatar, she is reminded by Ozai that it was her brother Zuko who found him.

This moment highlights Azula’s desire for recognition and approval from her father, adding layers to her character.

Fire Lord Ozai Funko Pop figure
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Ozai’s supervision of Azula’s training, including a scene where she beats up an Earth Kingdom prisoner, reveals the harsh and demanding nature of their relationship.

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Azula’s demonstration of her powerful lightning generation skill becomes a turning point, earning her the opportunity to prove herself in the field. Yu’s performance captures the emotional turmoil within Azula as she seeks validation and strives to meet her father’s expectations.

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The season concludes with Azula successfully capturing Omashu. While the original series had the city fall to the Fire Nation in the second season under different circumstances, the decision to advance this pivotal moment and attribute it to Azula enhances her role as the upcoming antagonist for Team Avatar.

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