Avatar: The Last Airbender, the live action remake of the series, is on Netflix.

The streaming platform released all eight episodes of Season 1 in one go, with each episode lasting approximately one hour.

If you’ve reached the Avatar live action ending, you may find yourself filled with questions.

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Where will Aang (Gordon Cormier) and the rest of the squad head next? What choices will Zuko (Dallas James Liu) and Iroh (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) make now that they know the truth about Zuko’s exile?

And what cunning strategy will Fire Lord Ozai (Daniel Dae Kim) devise next? Let’s delve deeper into Netflix’s Avatar live action ending.

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t watched Netflix’s Avatar live action season 1.

Netflix’s Avatar live action ending explained: What’s next for Aang and the squad?

Here's our first look at Ken Leung's Commander Zhao in costume in Netflix Avatar live action
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Zhao’s malicious plan during the siege of the Northern Water Tribe

In the season finale, Admiral Zhao (Ken Leung) leads the Fire Nation fleet toward the Northern Water Tribe’s city of Agna Qel’a, while Aang, Katara (Kiawentiio Tarbell), and Sokka (Ian Ousley) prepare for defense alongside the water tribe forces.

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Recognizing the challenge posed by the city’s impenetrable ice wall, Zhao seizes an opportunity during the rare Ice Moon event that night — where the physical and spirit worlds converge — to execute his plan.

Despite warnings from Iroh about upsetting the world’s balance, Zhao proceeds to kill the moon spirit with Avatar Kuruk’s dagger, stripping waterbenders of their abilities.

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After failing to protect the Moon Spirit, Aang gave himself to the Ocean Spirit, transforming him into a powerful water creature, thwarting the Fire Nation’s invasion by decimating their fleet in a vengeful rampage.

Cornered by Zuko and Iroh in the ensuing chaos, Zhao reveals that he has collaborated with Fire Lord Ozai and Azula against Zuko, revealing that Ozai was just using Zuko to motivate his sister to become stronger.

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With Zuko distracted by the revelation, Zhao attempted to use his firebending prowess on Zuko, intending to eliminate him while he was vulnerable on his back.

However, Iroh swiftly intervened, shielding Zuko from Zhao’s attack and ultimately dispatching Zhao in the confrontation.

How did Princess Yue revive the Moon Spirit?

With the Fire Nation fleet decimated and the Ocean Spirit still in a fit of rage due to the loss of the Moon Spirit, Princess Yue, who carries a part of the Moon Spirit’s life within her, devises a plan.

She kisses Sokka and freezes his feet to prevent him from intervening, then sacrifices herself to revive the Moon Spirit and restore balance to the world.

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Yue’s sacrifice enables the waterbenders to regain their abilities, and the return of the Moon Spirit prompts the Ocean Spirit to halt its rampage, freeing Aang in the process.

What’s next for the remaining heroes and antagonists?

Iroh and Zuko successfully escape Agna Qel’a, with Iroh revealing that Lieutenant Jee awaits them on their ship. Their next course of action, however, uncertain.

After showcasing her proficient waterbending skills during the siege, Katara promises Aang to assist him in mastering waterbending. Sokka suggests revisiting Omashu for Aang to learn earthbending.

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Meanwhile, back in the Fire Nation, Fire Lord Ozai learns of their defeat at the Northern Water Tribe and the Avatar’s involvement.

Unfazed, Ozai dismisses Agna Qel’a as a mere distraction. The scene shifts to Azula and her army capturing Omashu, taking King Bumi captive, hinting at their next target: Ba Sing Se, the key to conquering the Earth Kingdom.

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The episode ends with a teaser about Sozin’s Comet, set to return after a hundred years. This comet greatly enhances firebending strength and was infamously used by the Fire Nation in the massacre of Airbenders a century ago.

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