If you want to be the best, you may want to use their settings. That’s why “s1mple CS2 settings” is a hotly searched term at the moment.

Natus Vincere star Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev shared his current settings for Counter-Strike 2, the latest iteration in the popular first-person shooter series from Valve.

The s1mple CS2 settings you’re going to want to try

s1mple Ukraine speech IEM Katowice 2022
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

Luckily for us, the legend has gone over his current CS2 settings, and it was shared in its entirety via a video on the NartOutHere YouTube Channel.

Before we jump into the s1mple’s CS2 settings, however, it’s worth noting these settings aren’t for everyone, and they may change as the game is updated or he finds options he likes more. If you want another set of settings, check out our best settings article.

Now here are the official s1mple CS2 settings during the Limited Test.

s1mple‘s CS2 settings – video

Main menu background sceneryInferno
Color modeComputer Monitor
Aspect RatioNormal 4:3
Display modeFullscreen
Refresh rate360hz
Laptop power savingsDisabled

s1mple CS2 settings from his stream
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

Now we’ll move into the real impactful settings, the advanced video options. For the most part, he turns everything to low or disabled, but he currently chooses to rock the 8X MSAA settings along with putting his High Dynamic Range to Quality.

s1mple’s CS2 settings – advanced video

Boost player contrastDisabled
Wait for vertical syncDisabled
Current video values presetCustom
Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode8X MSAA
Global Shadow QualityLow
Model / Texture DetailLow
Shader DetailLow
Particle DetailLow
Ambient OcclusionDisabled
High Dynamic RangeQuality
FidelityFX Super ResolutionDisabled (Highest Quality)
NVIDIA Reflex Low LatencyDisabled

You can hear his thoughts as he goes through the settings on his stream in the video embedded below.

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