A decorated veteran of the Counter-Strike esports scene, Fnatic’s Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson has a trophy case filled with accomplishments.

He’s also one of the most consistent players of all time, and not just in the server, but in the organization he chooses to call home.

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In an exclusive AMA with ONE Esports, presented in partnership with Samsung, KRIMZ talks about the biggest moments in his career, the switch to Counter-Strike 2, the hardest opponent to play against, the funniest player, and much more.

Fnatic KRIMZ AMA with ONE Esports about CS2, Counter-Strike history, and more

Do you miss the old CS:GO or do you prefer CS2?

Tricky one, but I like the new game. But I think it’s a long way to go
with the game until it’s like really fully playable. But it’s for sure a boost of motivation, but leaning a bit toward CS:GO still.

What is YOUR favorite moment in your Counter-Strike career?

Favorite moment in my career must be the first major win and Katowice 2018.

What moment do you think was the most defining moment in your Counter-Strike career?

Defining my career, I would say, I think it must be the major. Just a huge thing to win and the prestige you get from it is the goal for the individuals.

Like every player is dreaming about doing a major, and luckily I won two, so I’m really happy with that

Fnatic Katowice 2019
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Who is one teammate you’d love to play with again (assuming they’re at their professional ready level)?

A teammate I would love to play with again? I think I would just say that one of the best teams I played with then, I would say flusha for sure.

Like he could do everything. Like he was really good with reading the game as an individual, and yeah, just a really good player.

What’s it been like to be a part of one organization for so much of your career?

I always found that this has been like been my second home now. I would say I’ve been here for a long time, it’s just the trust and the work the organization puts in and always find myself on the same page with the organization.

And as soon as I got older, I started to realize what it means to me to be in one place instead of jumping around like other pros.

I found myself really comfortable here and I like the team that I work around.

If you’re not playing Counter-Strike, what three things are you most likely doing?

Hobby wise, I like working out. A lot of different things — running, doing different races with like obstacle course runs, just going to the gym, hitting some weights.

I just chill out and hang out with my family because I spend so much time away. So I prioritize that.

Which pro player that you never played with would you most like to team with?

I’m gonna say my role model here for all Counter strike, even though I wasn’t playing in 1.6 and previous Counter-Strike — I would say f0rest.

Really cool and chill dude.

Which player would you say you struggled the most against personally?

Personally, I would say KennyS. Back in the day, he was really a pain to play against. Was really individually good and he could win matches by himself. He was really aggressive and that was really hard to play against.

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Favorite map of all time (from any version of Counter-Strike)

Favorite map of all time. Oof, this is gonna be hard.

I have two, so I’m gonna mention both. I think Overpass overall is a really good map. For me, you can do so much on CT side, and then T side there’s so much viable.

Of course, I think I put a stamp on Mirage, on connector. I was one of the first guys to figure out how to play the position, in that time of year at least. So I found those two really fun.

Now that you’ve broken the 30-year-old barrier, how do you feel about the impact of aging in esports?

I’m one of those that don’t think actually has an impact.

I think obviously if you get a bit older, let’s say in five years, but I believe that if you can keep up with the grind and just keep on playing and being very hungry to learn, even if you’re old.

I think I’ve been through all, or most of the scenarios, but I still find things that I’m learning and I think it’s really important that you stay active and grinding.

Favorite moment interacting with a fan or fans?

Some crazy moments where actually, like, someone came up with a two month year old baby and we signed the full body shirt they had on.

And I think a lot of people like, not in Sweden because everybody’s so shy, but when you actually go to a toilet, people just ask you for signature while you, yeah, being on the toilet and stuff.

But I think most of them are pretty normal. Just signatures and hugging people I’d say.

Who is your favorite CS team to watch currently?

The most enjoyable right now is probably G2. They play in an individual way, and I think that’s most enjoyable.

Obviously there can be different opinions, but it’s just individuals I like to watch.

Fnatic 2019 -- KRIMZ, Flusha, JW, Goldenn, Brollan
Credit: ESL

Who was your favorite Counter-Strike team to watch ever?

I think I must say Astralis.

I think that when they had their era, they were just dominating. The way they played with each other, it wasn’t just one guy who was a superstar.

How they all connected to each other and played out the rounds was really enjoyable to watch.

Do you follow any other esports? Which?

No, but if I was to watch any other streams and stuff, I would watch World of Warcraft.

Do you have a pre-match ritual? If so, what is it?

I mostly listen to music and just go on a warm up server and checking out the sens to see if it feels like home.

Just basically getting into the groove and a good mood.

If you could only eat one meal everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?

One meal for the rest of my life.

Okay, let’s say I don’t get too fat from it and I’ll say hamburger. A burger, man.

What is one thing about you that may surprise fans to know?

Outwards towards the media I think I’m very calm and like a shy guy. But in the teams I’m a bit of a clown, a jokester I would say.

What is your favorite position to play in the game (any map)?

Favorite position I would say is rotation on Overpass on CT side.

You can do so much from the position. You can either play very active and agressive and try to get kills on the map. But you can also play in a way where you support your teammates and basically like a second caller on that map.

So it’s really fun that you have the variety to do different things.

What is your perfect map pool?

Perfect map pool? Ooh.

Anything except Vertigo. Then I’m happy. That map is the worst ever. Overpass and Mirage for sure. Train, Inferno. I’m up to four.

Overpass, Mirage, Train, Inferno, Dust 2. I’m actually happy that it’s back, old school map.

I like Ancient, Ancient should be in there. And let’s put Anubis for a change. It’s a fun map, but it’s quite imbalanced at the moment. Just overall it’s a good felling playing on it.

Fnatic KRIMZ in action
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If you retired tomorrow, what would you do next?

That’s a tough one. Actually I have no idea. I’m still thinking about playing and stuff.

But I think I would maybe take a breather and figure out the next step. But for sure I want to do something in esports.

I’m so deep in it, spent so much time, and I think it’s still fun and I’d like to interact with a team somehow or develop something.

What is the most valuable or luxurious item you have ever purchased?

Most people would say like they bought an expensive watch or something, but I think it’s the home. I think that’s a luxury in itself, to own a home.

I know a lot of guys that have a normal job that don’t get the chance to buy one. Having the luxury to have a bit more pay than a normal job and get the luxury to buy your own home, I just think that’s one of my priorities in life and I’m really proud of that.

Who do you consider to be one of the most underrated Counter-Strike players ever?

I don’t think he’s underrated anymore, but I think sjuush in Heroic has always been a bit of a ghost I would say. Nobody had eyes for him until recent years.

He has always been really really good at every position that he played. Just overall a really solid player.

Who’s the funniest CS player in your experience?

Oof, I can’t say myself because I’m shy on camera. I don’t know, that’s a tricky one, there’s a lot of different personalities.

Let’s go with my countryman, JW. I think he’s pretty funny, he’s created a lot of memes.

The last question is from Freakazoid: “When did you go bald, and do you have any pictures from before you did?”

When I got bald? Oof. I think I never went bald. I just took the decision when I was 18 maybe? Or 17, something like that.

And yeah, for sure I have some pictures somewhere. But yeah, I accepted the fate already when I had thin hair.

Bald power.

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