In a new update to Counter-Strike 2, Valve has rolled out a plethora of quality of life improvements aimed at enhancing every aspect of the gameplay experience. 

The CS2 update includes revamped maps, refined user interfaces, and gameplay mechanics, providing a breath of fresh air for the players.

In this article, we discuss in detail the changes made in the new update released on April 25, 2024.

All you need to know about the latest CS2 update

AK-47 in left-handed viewmodel added in new CS2 update on April 25
Credit: Valve

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. How do players change the viewmodel in CS2?

One of the main features of the update is the introduction of the long-awaited left-handed viewmodel option.

Credit: ONE Esports
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Players can now seamlessly switch between left and right-handed perspectives. With a key press (defaulting to ‘H’), users can toggle their weapon alignment mid-game, offering greater flexibility and support for players who prefer left-handed viewmodel.

The buy menu has also received a makeover, with new features designed to simplify purchasing decisions.

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Notably, players can now view the minimum amount of money they’re guaranteed to have in the next round. This can help in strategic planning and economy management.

Additionally, a new ‘Dropped Weapons’ panel allows for easy retrieval of discarded weapons within the buy zone.

Grenade assistance reticle added in new CS2 update on April 25
Credit: Valve

Valve has also made HUD/UI changes in this update, including a grenade lineup reticle that assists players in executing precise throws.

Customizable delays for different grenade types ensure optimal timing for tactical combat mechanics.

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Furthermore, a radar map alternate zoom setting and toggle key binding offer improved navigation through smoke and cluttered environments, helping players even more during intense fights.

Map, Overwatch, and miscellaneous changes

Counter-Strike 2 A site on Inferno
Credit: Valve

The Active Duty map pool has undergone significant revisions, with Dust II making a return while Overpass takes a temporary hiatus.

Noteworthy changes have also been made to Inferno, including the removal of obstructive structures and adjustments to player collision dynamics, bettering overall map flow and balance.

Zeus Olympus skin in CS2
Credit: Valve

Gameplay tweaks include adjustments to weapon statistics, such as increased kill rewards for certain firearms and movement speed alterations for the Zeus taser.

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In addition to gameplay improvements, the update introduces a host of miscellaneous enhancements, including adjustments to weapon finishes, inventory management improvements, and the addition of the Overwatch system for match demo review by trusted players.

That covers everything Valve has released in the new CS2 update. Here are the patch notes if you want to have a more detailed look.

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