The Fire Nation’s ruler, Ozai, is one of the main antagonists of The Avatar: The Last Airbender.

He is the 2nd Fire Lord who utilized Sozin’s comet during the Hundred Year War. and a father to Zuko and Azula.

Fire Lord Ozai has gained more popularity after the actor Daniel Dae Kim played the role of the Fire Lord in the Avatar: Last Airbender Live action Netflix series. Filipino cosplayer and Youtuber Prince De Guzman found the opportunity to interview the Avatar and Zuko themselves with an amazing Fire Lord Ozai cosplay.

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Prince de Guzman wears Fire Lord Ozai cosplay while interviewing live action stars

Aang and Zuko actors interviews by Prince de Guzman in Fire Lord Ozai cosplay
Credit: Prince De Guzman, ONE Esports

Prince’s cosplay amazed Gordon Cormier and Dallas Liu, the actors who played the roles of Avatar Aang and Prince Zuko in the live-action series. Gordon even jokingly asked to give Dallas a second scar on his face.

His chiseled jawline completes his cosplay, which compliments Ozai’s spiky character design and his intimidating aura.

Prince de Guzman Fire Lord Ozai cosplay compared to live action
Credit: Prince De Guzman, ONE Esports

What’s more impressive is that Prince’s build can be compared to both live-action and the animated series.

Fire Lord Ozai cosplay, animated, and live action.
Credit: Prince De Guzman, Netflix, Nickelodeon, ONE Esports

Aside from Ozai, Prince has also cosplayed other characters such as Mihawk from One Piece, Alhaitham from Genshin Impact, and many more iconic characters.

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