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Bayonetta cosplayer Elle “Sailor Virgo” portrays PlatinumGames’ titular video game character in a way no other fan has ever done before.

She showcased the character’s mischievous moves in her TikTok video, mesmerizing the fandom, bringing the Umbra Witch to life.

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t played Bayonetta 1.

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The video game protagonist is known for her sexy dance moves and striking poses in battles. The ending of Bayonetta 1 includes a glorious, four-minute dance sequence showing a few of the side characters bopping along with her.

Watch this Bayonetta cosplayer flex her moves in this fantastic Tiktok video

Sailor Virgo’s cosplay features the witch in her classic Bayonetta 1 look, complete with a long, high ponytail, backless suit, and chunky heels.

She did a great job on her makeup, nailing down Cereza’s thin eyebrows, full lips, and lower lip mole.

She took her cosplay to the next level with an amazing short skit inspired by Bayonetta and Joy’s epic dance fight from Chapter 6: Gates of Paradise.

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Sailor Virgo not only captured Bayonetta’s charm and finesse, but she also showed her flexibility with an accurate portrayal of the character’s moves. She ended the video with one of Bayonetta’s flashy poses, effortlessly raising her right leg as high as she could.

“If you’re curious, this is exactly my brand — dancing and cosplay,” she tweeted.

The cosplayer poured her love and passion for the Umbra Witch by crafting her entire Bayonetta costume, from her golden chain hair ornaments down to her incredibly-detailed prop guns.

Bayonetta cosplay by Sailor Virgo
Credit: Sailor Virgo

“If there’s one thing I love in this world, it’s the amazingly over-the-top Umbra Witch, Bayonetta,” she said on her Instagram post. Watch the full video here.

Follow Sailor Virgo on her Instagram (@sailorvirgo) and TikTok accounts (@supersailorvirgo) for more amazing cosplays.

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