With the launch of Season 1, Warzone received its Modern Warfare 3 update, but Rebirth Island is still missing from the menu.

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Given its long absence, a big question fans of the map have is, when is Rebirth coming back to the battle royale?

The fans are asking, when is Rebirth coming back to WZ?

When is Rebirth coming back to Warzone?
Credit: Activision

Having been removed back on November 16, 2022, the popular Resurgence game mode has been missing the Rebirth Island map for over a year. The map was removed with the launch of WZ2, much to the shock of the player base.

Resurgence provides a faster-paced battle royale-style mode where players compete on a smaller map with more respawns available, coming in at nearly all times to keep the game flowing with action. Currently, players can still partake in Resurgence via Vondel and Ashika Island, but many long for the days of Rebirth Island.

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So when is Rebirth coming back to WZ? Well, unfortunately, we don’t have a set date yet. Activision has only told us that we can expect it to return in early 2024.

We’re already into Season 1, and the details of the Season 1 Reloaded update don’t include the return of Rebirth, so it’s not expected to launch then, either.

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All eyes are set on Season 2 of MW3, although Season 2 Reloaded or even Season 3 is also a possibility. If we follow the standard timetable, Season 3 would launch two months after Season 2, which is expected to come in February.

This means it could be April before we see the maps return. With its return, it’s unclear what that will mean for the other two maps, Vondel and Ashika Island. If Activision wishes to keep only two maps for the Resurgence mode, it could see one of those two stepping out to make room, and we’re not sure fans will mind too much.

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