Every year, we get a new Call of Duty game, and now that we have entered the second quarter of 2024 with no official announcements for the next mainstream game, the community is eager to know when does the new Call of Duty come out. 

So we’re here to try and answer that question using all of the informaton and tradition we have.

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When does the new Call of Duty come out?

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According to reports, the new Call of Duty game is supposed to be released in October 2024. In an internal team meeting, Microsoft Gaming head Phil Spencer and Xbox President Sarah Bond talked about the future, and thankfully, a new Call of Duty game and a new Xbox hardware were a part of it. 

This confirmed several leaks that suggested the next Call of Duty game, developed by Treyarch, will be released this year. For those of you who don’t know, we get a mainstream Call of Duty game every year, which has not changed since 2005. 

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But with the Activision merger with Microsoft and the recent layoffs, many in the community were wondering whether there will be a new Call of Duty game this year. 

Taking Phil Spencer’s word and the fact that the Call of Duty franchise is a massive commercial hit with a cult-like following, there’s no denying that Microsoft’s primary focus after acquiring Activision would be the next Call of Duty game. 

Call of Duty 2024 story and setting 

At the moment, there are not many viable details available on the next Call of Duty, but according to some leaks, the game will take place during the Gulf War and will significantly focus on the CIA’s involvement in it. 

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As mentioned earlier, according to leaks, Treyarch is working on Call of Duty 2024, and thus, there are also rumours suggesting we can expect a new and improved Zombies mode. 

Call of Duty 2024 release platforms

Call of Duty is a big franchise that has a massive presence on the PC and PlayStation platforms. While PC and Xbox are the go-to choices for playing Xbox games, many players are doubting whether the next Call of Duty 2024 will be released on PlayStation. 

Well! We will likely get Call of Duty 2024 on Xbox, PC and PlayStation platforms. Still, until we have an official announcement from Activision or Microsoft, the release platform is always subject to change.

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