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Weekly challenges in Modern Warfare 3 sometimes require you to obtain a bunch of Alternate Ammo Kills.

As is tradition, you’ll unlock a certain reward when you complete this challenge along with other tasks. One such reward is the JAK Glassless Optic attachment.

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However, the game doesn’t exactly mention what Alternate Ammo Kills are, which is why many MW3 players are having a hard time completing this challenge.

But worry not, as we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive ONE Esports guide to help you rack up Alternate Ammo Kills in MW3.

Alternate Ammo Kills in MW3 explained

MW3 alternate kills challenges
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Alternate Ammo Kills refer to eliminations obtained while an ammunition attachment is equipped to your Modern Warfare 3 weapon.

In simpler terms, you need to attach an ammunition accessory to one of your weapons and eliminate opponents with it.

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To begin, go to the Gunsmith section and choose either a primary or secondary weapon. Once on the loadout customization screen, equip one of the ammunition attachments listed below:

  • .300 Blk Hollowpoint
  • .500 High Grain Rounds
  • .50 Pistol Armor Piercing
  • .338 Magnum Frangible
  • .408 Frangible
  • .338 Magnum Round Nose
  • .50 Cal Incendiary
  • .408 High Velocity
  • .408 Incendiary
  • .45 Auto Overpressured +P
  • .277 Round Nose
  • .338 Magnum Spire Point
  • .300 Frangible
  • .408 Hollowpoint
  • .300 Hollowpoint
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  • .408 Explosive
  • .338 Magnum Incendiary
  • .45 Auto Frangible
  • .50 Cal Explosive
  • .50 Cal High Grain Rounds
  • .408 Pace High Grain Rounds
  • .408 Pace Round Nose
  • .277 Low Grain Rounds
  • .300 Mag High Velocity
  • .45 Auto Low Grain Rounds
  • .338 Mag Round Nose
  • .277 Armor Piercing
  • .277 Tracer
  • .50 Cal Frangible
  • .50 GS
  • .277 Incendiary
  • .338 Magnum Low Grain Rounds
  • .277 Mono
  • .45 Auto Hollowpoint
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  • .45 Auto AET Rounds
  • .300 Mag Frangible
  • .338 Magnum Hollowpoint
  • .308 Hollowpoint
  • .408 Armor Piercing
  • .50 Cal Low Grain Rounds
  • .408 Pace Mono
  • .338 Magnum Overpressured+P
  • .408 Overpressure +P
  • .500 Frangible
  • .300 High Velocity
  • .408 High Velocity
  • .308 Frangible
  • .500 Hollowpoint
  • .277 High Velocity
  • .300 Overpressured +P

After carefully following the aforementioned instructions, head to any gameplay mode in MW3 and accumulate kills to fulfill tasks involving this certain kind of elimination.

We recommend joining matches in Hardcore and Small Map Mosh Pit playlists to swiftly get Alternate Ammo Kills.

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