In Call of Duty Warzone, facing a hacker means an almost certain loss. Unless their damage is getting heavily nerfed in game, you’ll probably get wiped from existence quicker than you can react.

But four Call of Duty Warzone streamers managed to pull off the impossible, teaming up to take a cheater down and win the whole game. The hacker in question had already racked up a 52K/D and had friends feeding him ammo, but the streamers worked patiently to figure out who the hacker was, their location, and how to kill them.

Bear in mind that this was a bunch of extremely skilled players. Comprising Jordan “HusKerrs” Thomas, Stephan “its_iron”, ReidBoyy, and Jonathan “yeet” Haas, they make up a mix of some of the highest-earning pros and highest-ranked players in the game.

Four Warzone streamers kill hacker and squad to win the game

When yeet is redeployed at a Buy Station, the hacker lasers him out of the air, but his squad is able to use his kill cam to find out where the hacker and their accomplices are.

With the circle closing in, the hacker is able to take out HusKerrs, but Its_iron throws a stun and the hacker runs into the house, where the streamer is able to win the gunfight.

With the hacker gone, they easily chase down the remaining two members of the squad to take the game.

To celebrate their victory, Redditor BrunoJohn117 put together a video of the methodical approach the streamers take to the hacker, stitching together their various POVs.

So, boys and girls, the game isn’t over until the end game screen appears. Never give up! Watch the clip here.

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