The Modern Warfare 3 beta is in full swing, and the MCW, which everyone is referring to as the new ACR, is causing havoc.

OpTic’s very own Seth “scump” Abner recently shared what he feels to be the best MCW loadout MW3 setup.

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The best MCW loadout MW3 has to offer in the beta according to scump

Modern Warfare 3 operator MCW
Credit: Activision

The 28-year-old Call of Duty legend and retired professional shared the loadout on TikTok, and it’s certainly worth trying. Given his extensive history in the game, playing across multiple titles successfully, there’s no doubt he’s someone worth listening to when it comes to loadouts.

You’ll notice tunings are missing, as most pros and former pros leave them out. The Call of Duty League doesn’t allow tuning in competition and therefore it’s not a factor for them.

Scump’s Best MCW loadout MW3:

OpticSlater Reflector
StockMCW Lancer Tactical Stock
Barrel16.5″ MCW Cyclone Long Barrel
Rear gripRB Talon-X3 Grip
Mag40 Round Mag

Loading it up with the 16.5″ MCW Cyclone Long barrel, Slater Reflector optic, MCW Lancer Tactical stock, RB Talon-X3 grip, and 40-round mag. This weapon is widely considered to be the best assault rifle in the game currently and maybe even the best overall weapon.

Given it is currently just the MW3 beta, all weapons are subject to change by release.

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