Call of Duty’s DMZ mode is packed full of exciting content, areas to explore for loot, and missions to go on.

One such adventure is the Calling Card mission. This one tasks you with killing the Scavenger, but it’s not quite that simple.

DMZ Calling Card mission requires a prepared approach

Warzone 2.0 Ghillie Suit
Credit: Activision Blizzard

You can pick this mission up from the Redacted faction, but be prepared, this one can be difficult.

In order to get this one done, you’ll need to collect three cards in addition to taking down the Scavenger itself.

Where to find calling cards

In order to collect the three cards, you’ll need to check the bodies of other players in the lobby. Operators will have them, but the difficulty lies in finding their bodies. Given these are real people, their paths will vary and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where you’ll want to look.

We recommend checking the more dangerous areas, given that’s where most players will meet their dreaded fate.

Once you find some downed players, just loot their bodies and grab the cards. You’ll want to get all three before fighting the Scavenger.

Where to find the Scavenger

While the Scavenger isn’t typically stationary, it does seem he’s likely to be near the shore. Once you come within range of the Scavenger, you will be shown an icon on the map to alert you to the exact location. You’ll also get an audio cue stating “Multiple operators have gone missing in your area.”

If you hear that, you should know the Scavenger is nearby. He’ll be wearing a black ghillie suit, so look out for that and you’ll meet your match.

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