The JAK Jawbreaker MW3 stands out as a unique aftermarket part introduced in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone in the massive Season 3 update.

In this ONE Esports guide, we explain the function of this new attachment, and how to unlock it in the game.

What is the JAK Jawbreaker MW3?

JAK Jawbreaker MW3 aftermarket part for KV Broadside in gunsmith
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The JAK Jawbreaker is a conversion kit for the KV Broadside, transforming the quick-firing shotgun from Modern Warfare 2 into an automatic battle rifle.

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It grants the weapon a full-auto fire trigger, along with significantly increased bullet velocity, range, damage, and gun kick control, making it a formidable long-range firearm.

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These benefits come at the cost of lowered hipfire and tac stance spread, as well as reduced mobility stats, including aim walking, movement, and sprint speed.

Here’s how to unlock the JAK Jawbreaker MW3

If you’re looking to equip this conversion kit, you have to complete challenges during week two of Season 3 in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

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Fortunately, you only need to finish at least five of the 21 total weekly challenges across Multiplayer, Warzone, and Zombies.

Here is the full list of challenges in each mode to unlock the JAK Jawbreaker MW3 for the KV Broadside shotgun:

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Get 30 operator quickscope kills with recommended battle riflesIn Warzone Rebirth Island, open 30 loot caches in the North-East region (Bioweapons, Industries, Harbor, Chemical Eng.)Get 500 kills with a recommended battle rifle while Speed Cola is active
Get 20 operator clean kills with recommended shotgunsIn Warzone Rebirth Island, open 30 loot caches in the North-West region (Dock, Control Center)Get 200 fire damage kills with a shotgun
Get 20 operator kills with a scope equipped to a suppressed recommended shotgunIn Warzone Rebirth Island, open 30 loot caches in the Central region (Prison, Headquarters, Factor)Get 250 kills with a recommended Epic rarity or higher pistol
Get 15 operator double kills with recommended weaponsIn Warzone Rebirth Island, open 30 loot caches in the South-West region (Stronghold, Living Quarters)Get 10 kills with a recommended shotgun without taking damage 30 times
Get 10 operator longshot kills with the KV BroadsideIn Warzone, place in the top 10 seven timesGet 150 kills with a recommended weapon in the High Threat Zone
Get 15 operator quickscope kills shortly after sprinting with recommended shotgunsIn Warzone, complete 20 contractsGet 200 hipfire kills with a recommended shotgun
Get five operator Kingslayer kills in a single match 10 timesIn Warzone, perform a Squad Assemble seven timesGet five Mimic kills with a recommended weapon

In order to quickly obtain the JAK Jawbreaker MW3, we recommend completing the challenges in Multiplayer by joining matches in Hardcore Quick Play or Small Map Mosh Pit.

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