Updated at November 8, 5:22 a.m. (GMT+8): Added more details regarding the mode, perks, and gameplay footage. 

Things are looking quite exciting when it comes to Modern Warfare 3 zombies fans.

MW3 zombies gameplay and new features coming with it have fans buzzing with excitement. The mode was not released as a part of the current title, Modern Warfare 2, much to the dislike of many longtime Call of Duty players.

Things are changing in MW3 zombies gameplay

Modern Warfare 3 graphic
Credit: Activision

According to Activision, MW3 zombies gameplay will not return to the old round-based format, but will instead have a player-vs-environment story and go more on the basis of an extraction shooter-style gameplay loop.

This means you’ll essentially drop into areas on the new Warzone map coming as part of the launch, complete any objectives, gather essence and other items, and then reach an exfil to move on.

Oh, and Activision is doing something totally new with just how many players can join you against the hordes.

But before we get into that, if you want to see some MW3 zombies gameplay, check out the video below from NoahJ456 for some actual footage.

How many players are in MW3 zombies?

“For the first time, team up with other squads to survive and fight massive hordes of the undead in the largest Call of Duty Zombies map ever,” the official reveal stated.

You’ll be able to jump in with up to 24 players broken into squads of four. There is no player-vs-player, however, as it’s a strictly PvE mode where you and the other players will be working together.

Activision concluded by saying, “Ready up for an open-world player versus enemy (PvE) extraction survival experience against some of the biggest enemies in Call of Duty history,” and that just makes the wait all that much harder.

MW3 zombies gameplay footage
Credit: Activision

MW3 zombies storyline

This time around, the zombies game mode will be in the time period after Cold War’s Dark Aether story.

MW3 zombies comes in the form of Operation Deadbolt in which Task Force 141 is on the hunt for Viktor Zakhaev, the villain responsible for using a vial of Aetherium to cause a zombie outbreak.

Players will be able to jump into the mode just to slay zombies or go in to partake in Dark Aether missions or other more specific goal oriented content to further the story. The choice is yours!

MW3 zombies perks

Activision has finally revealed the perks available in MW3 zombies, and there are a total of nine forms of fan-favorite perk-a-cola.

You can find each of the perks and what they do listed below, along with an image:

  • Deadshot Daiquiri – ADS (aim-down-sight) moves to an enemy’s critical location. Removes scope sway.
  • Death Perception – Obscured enemies, chests, resources, and item drops are more easily spotted.
  • Elemental Pop – Every bullet you fire has a small chance to apply a random Ammo Mod effect.
  • Jugger-Nog – Increases maximum health.
  • PHD Flopper – Diving to prone triggers an explosion. The explosion increases the higher you fall. Immunity from fall damage while diving. Immunity from area-of-effect damage from weapons you are using.
  • Quick Revive – Reduce the health regeneration delay time by 50%. Reduce the time it takes to revive an ally by 50%.
  • Speed Cola – Drink to reload and replate armor faster.
  • Stamin-Up – Increases run and sprint speed.
  • Tombstone Soda – On death, you create a tombstone stash at that location, containing your backpack inventory in the next game.
MW3 zombies perks
Credit: Activision

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