Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is officially here, but it’s not without some issues.

MW3 packet burst is a widely searched term currently due to it plaguing some users, but fear not, we’re here to tell you some methods you can use to solve the issue.

How to fix MW3 packet burst for a smoother experience

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Credit: Activision

For those unsure of what packet burst is, this server error causes visual stutter and lag for many people. While it’s sometimes hard to even notice, there is a built-in visual indicator that will let you know when the system isn’t performing well.

Due to the game flashing the issue on the screen, MW3 packet burst a hot topic at the moment. So how can you fix it?

Below we’ll provide a list of possible solutions for MW3 packet burst.

  1. Restart MW3 – Close the game and then launch it again it to reset the servers and hopefully give you a new connection that solves the issue.
  2. Restart your WiFi connection – Close your MW3 and then head to your router and perform a reset.
  3. Disable Crossplay 
    • For PlayStation 4/5, navigate to MW Settings, select Account & Network, and disable crossplay in the Online tab.
    • For Xbox One and Series X/S, go to Settings – Account – Privacy & online safety – Xbox privacy – View details and customize – Communication & multiplayer – and turn off the You can join cross-network play option.
    • PC does not support disabling crossplay.
  4. Deactivate On-Demand Texture Streaming – On consoles, go to your Settings, scroll to the Graphics section and disable On Demand Texture Streaming.
  5. Switch to Ethernet – If the WiFi method above didn’t work, plug your device directly into your modem or router via an ethernet cable.
  6. Contact support – If none of these solutions help, contact Activision Support through its website to have customer support provide further steps.

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