With the release of Modern Warfare 3 looming and the problem of cheaters already drawing plenty of attention from the beta, let’s talk about the MW3 cheating policy and the rumors surrounding it.

There’s a decent chance if you’re searching for this. It’s because you saw a TikTok from Tdawgsmitty where he made the claim that cheats would now be punished with jail time.

MW3 cheating policy jail time?

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Credit: Activision

Simply put, no. You won’t go to jail for using cheats in Modern Warfare 3, for now at least.

While there have been lawsuits against cheat developers lobbied by various game developers, the use of cheats is only against terms of service, not the law.

Tdawgsmitty created the content, assumedly, to deter cheaters out of fear of jail time. Honestly, not a bad tactic and one we can understand wanting to attempt.

But no, you won’t be sent straight to jail if you cheat, only (hopefully) banned for choosing to do so.

The MW3 cheating policy remains the same and will continue to utilize the Team Ricochet anticheat. According to the team, “Team Ricochet will be ready for the MW3 launch with a new suite of detections and protections set to go live on launch day, November 10.”

In addition, Microsoft, who is now the owner of Activision Blizzard, stated in a blog post that there will be “New additions to Ricochet Anti-Cheat as well as new anti-toxicity plans to continue to deliver a fun, fair and welcoming online experience for all players.”

Regardless of whether the MW3 cheating policy jail time TikTok was real or not, don’t be a cheater. Thank you.

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