With the next iteration in the Call of Duty franchise’s official launch getting close, many are wondering what changed from Modern Warfare 2 to Modern Warfare 3.

In this article, we’ll be covering some of the most important MW3 changes you’ll want to know about before jumping in at launch.

What MW3 changes and doesn’t when it comes to gameplay

Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer gameplay
Credit: Activision

There are six different aspects of the game we’ll be covering to see if they’ve changed, ranging from movement features all the way to perks, as discussed in a video from TheXclusiveAce.

MW3 mantling

So mantling in MW3 is similar or the same in some aspects to MW2, but different in others.

For instance, low mantling in both games is essentially identical. This is the same for high mantling, where there’s no real noticeable difference between the two.

Where you will notice a change when it comes to mantling in MW3 is double mantling. In MW3, your ready time is much quicker upon completing the mantle, regardless of whether or not you have the climbing boots perk to aid your mantling.

This change means that if you’re double mantling, you’re not at such a disadvantage at the top of your movement as you can get your weapon out quite fast in comparison.

MW3 sliding and slide canceling

Music to the ears of movement lovers, slide canceling has returned as part of the MW3 changes, however, it isn’t exactly what folks remember.

In terms of your basic sliding, there are very minimal differences at best. So, if you just slide, it’s nearly identical to MW2.

However, if you slide cancel, it’s a whole different beast. In MW3, slide canceling will allow you to record from your slide faster, allowing you to jump back into a run quicker than anyone, allowing the slide to complete its animation.

It will also allow you to fire faster coming out of the animation whether you cancel or not.

It has a slight delay compared to MW 2019’s slide canceling but is still a big step up from MW2.

Modern Warfare 3 weapons include new and old
Credit: Activision

MW3 jumpshots and bunny hopping

Sticking with movement, let’s talk about jumpshots and bunny hopping in MW3.

Firstly, your ADS penalty from firing in the air remains in MW3, so no changes there. When it comes to bunny hopping, it’s not much different than MW2, which means it’s not incredibly viable.

All in all, these two movement tactics are mostly untouched in the new title.

MW3 strafe speed with SMG and AR

When it comes to strafing with an SMG, at the base level, it seems that MW2 holds the advantage. By base level, we mean with no attachments or perks taken into account.

This changes, however, when you implement the Stalker perk. Once you apply the perk to your loadout, you’ll notice a marginally faster strafe speed as part of the MW3 changes.

Assault rifles, however, are a different story. It seems at the base level, strafing with an AR is quicker in MW3 when compared to MW2.

MW3 visual recoil

Another big one is the dampening of visual recoil as part of the MW3 changes.

The gun will now bounce around a lot less in your hands when firing it, and the red dot will not move around quite as much as it does in the current MW2 build.

Lastly, the muzzle smoke is far less impactful in terms of distracting or blocking any visuals. These are all good adjustments.

That wraps up some of the MW3 changes we see and don’t see when compared to the previous MW2 installment, as covered by TheXclusiveAce on Youtube with side-by-side visual comparisons to go along with it.

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