If you’re looking for a solid battle rifle to jump into Modern Warfare 3 with, then let us introduce the MTZ 762.

Luckily for all of us, Call of Duty expert Hero on YouTube recently shared a video going over his best MTZ 762 loadout and the gameplay to prove it in MW3.

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Hero shares his best MTZ 762 loadout for MW3

The best MTZ 762 loadout in MW3 according to Hero
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

Hero claims that the MTZ 762 “is one of the craziest guns in the game.” So let’s find out exactly why that is by going over his best build for the BR.

This build focuses on semi-auto, where this gun truly shines thanks to insane damage.

Kicking things off, Hero chooses the HMRES Mod Suppressor, which provides undetectable by radar and a big improvement to bullet velocity.

He also adds on the MTZ Precision Blackthorn barrel for massive improvements to bullet velocity, range, gun kick control, and aiming idle sway along with a smaller increase to firing aim stability.

The optic of choice is the Slate Reflector to provide a better view than the iron sights on the MTZ 762, thanks to the precision sight picture.

And lastly, when it comes to the stock, Hero goes for the Bruen Archangel MK2. This stock improves recoil and gun kick control, along with movement and sprint speed.

Best MTZ 762 loadout attachments and tuning

MuzzleHMRES Mod Suppressor
BarrelMTZ Precision Blackthorn
OpticSlate Reflector
Mag30 Round Mag
StockBruen Archangel MK2

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