The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass in Season 2 allows players to earn a variety of brand-new in-game skins and weapons to spruce up their game.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 2 Battle Pass
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In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know about the Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass for Season 2.

Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass release date and price

The Season 2 Battle Pass was released on 7 February, 2024. While the base Battle Pass is available to all players for free which includes 20 free items, players can upgrade their Battle Pass for 1,100 COD Points which costs US$9.99.

Alternatively, players can opt to purchase the BlackCell Battle Pass bundle at US$29.99 which gives full access to the Battle Pass and additional exclusive rewards including the “John Doe” Operator skin.

Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass explained

This Battle Pass is a multi-Sector Battle Pass map that sees players unlocking Sectors to unlock new weapons, Operator skins, weapon Blueprints, and more. To unlock each Sector, players need to redeem 5 items within a Sector to unlock it, allowing them to progress to unlocking adjacent Sectors.

Once all Sectors are unlocked, players will receive unique Operator skins and other items as a reward for completing the Battle Pass.

Planning your route

Screenshot by Sean Low/ONE Esports

For BlackCell Battle Pass owners, you have access to two starting points. One at Sector B1, and the other at the BlackCell Sector on the other end of the map adjacent to Sectors B16, B18, and B20. For everyone else however, you will only start at Sector B1.

Prioritizing Sectors

Low recoil BP50 build in Modern Warfare 3
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Plan ahead before spending those hard-earned Battle Tokens. For instance, if you just want to get your hands on the newest weapons as soon as possible and have the BlackCell Sector unlocked, then consider unlocking Sectors B18, B20, and B19 first. This will give you access to the RAM-9 “Sabertooth” and the BP50 “Anguish” Blueprints, letting you equip these weapons at only 15 Battle Tokens. However, you won’t be able to enter Gunsmith for them until you unlock the weapon Sectors.

Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass rewards

This Battle Pass contains more than one hundred rewards which are mostly Cosmetics for your Operators and weapons as well as two new weapons introduced to Modern Warfare 3. In Season 2, we see the addition of undead-themed cosmetics with the BlackCell upgrade that is certain to stir the Zombie fans out there. To learn more about the new Operator skins, check out the Operator skins coming in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 here.

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When does the Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass end?

The Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass for season 2 ends on April 30, 2024.

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