The RAM-7 has quickly emerged as a formidable weapon in Call of Duty Warzone Season 1.

Introduced in Modern Warfare 3, this assault rifle possesses a blistering fire rate, controllable recoil, and decent range, making it one of the most versatile guns in the game.

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If you’re looking to conquer your lobby with this AR, renowned WZ content creator WhosImmortal has shared his best RAM-7 loadout, which is part of premier setups following the Season 1 Reloaded update.

Shred enemies with the best RAM-7 loadout in Warzone Season 1

Best RAM-7 loadout after the Call of Duty Warzone Season 1 Reloaded update, according to WhosImmortal
Screenshot by Jeremiah Sevilla/ONE Esports

WhosImmortal’s “super low recoil” RAM-7 build boasts incredible recoil control and extended range, enabling precise shooting even at long distances.

The tradeoffs in handling and mobility are tolerable, since you will primarily use this loadout for mid to long range combat.

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He starts with the VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor in the muzzle slot, which elevates recoil control, bullet velocity, and damage range, while making you invisible to the radar when firing.

He then goes for the XRK Coremark 40 Heavy Barrel. This significantly reduces aiming idle sway, and enhances gun kick control, recoil control, as well as bullet velocity and range.

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Next, he chooses the Heavy Bruen Support Grip as his underbarrel attachment, which also decreases aiming idle sway, gun kick, and horizontal recoil, while improving firing aim stability.

To further boost gun kick control and recoil management, he selects the HVS 3.4 Pad in the stock slot.

For the last attachment, he opts for the 60 Round Drum. This increases the rifle’s ammo count, allowing you to get multiple kills or keep shooting in prolonged gunfights.

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In terms of perk package, he picks Double Time to increase tac sprint duration, and Mountaineer to reduce fall damage.

Additionally, he takes Tempered to refill armor quickly, and Flex to delay triggered explosives when sprinting, get notifications about nearby enemies’ equipment, and reduce combat noise.

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For the equipment, he selects Smoke Grenade for effective cover, and Throwing Knife for instant finishes.

He pairs his RAM-7 with his optimized WSP Swarm submachine gun.

WhosImmortal’s best RAM-7 loadout in Warzone Season 1

MuzzleVT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor
BarrelXRK Coremark 40 Heavy Barrel
UnderbarrelBruen Heavy Support Grip
StockHVS 3.4 Pad
Magazine60 Round Drum
Perk 1: Double Time
Perk 2: Mountaineer
Perk 3: Tempered
Perk 4: Flex
Tactical: Smoke Grenade
Lethal: Throwing Knife

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