Level up your weapons to make sure they’re kitted in the best way in Modern Warfare 3. It can take a lot of time and effort to do, but it can be made easier.

In this article, we’ll be sharing the fastest way to level up guns MW3 edition. There will be a few different methods to pick from, so just choose what works best for you.

The fastest way to level up guns MW3 player can use easily

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Despite Modern Warfare 2 already having tons of weapons to pick from, MW3 not only kept all of those, it added 36 more. This means leveling up each and every one can be quite tedious and time consuming. So let’s talk about how you can speed that up.

Method 1 – MW3 Double XP tokens

This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the game. After all, being able to quite literally double the amount of XP you’re gaining with your weapon is a great way to speed up the leveling process.

If you have any tokens laying about, activate them before jumping in to have a huge bump to your weapon leveling speed.

Method 2 – Play a different mode

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You can get a ton of weapon XP by utilizing some of the other modes available in MW3. Using a double XP token (or weekend) and combining it with Zombies or Invasion is one of, if not the, fastest way to level up guns MW3 has to offer.

In Zombies you’ll just want to find the gun you’re looking to rank up and then just keep farming the zombies for XP gains. If leveling up a weapon is your main priority in Zombies, you can just keep the farm going by heading to an exfil chopper location — don’t get on, however. This will cause the area to flood with zombies over and over. That’s an easy way to farm XP for the weapon of choice.

When it comes to Invasion mode, it just gives a large number of enemies whether it be AI or real players which means more chances for kills and typically easier ones when it comes to the AI. The AI aren’t worth as much XP as real players, but if you’re taking them out quickly enough it’s still a great opportunity.

Method 3 – Utilize a decoy grenade

Many players don’t think about the free XP they could be getting with a decoy grenade equipped.

All you need to do is have the weapon you’re trying to level up equipped and then toss a decoy grenade. You will, in return, get XP for having your decoy distract count toward your weapon. This is as close to passive weapon XP gain you can get, so you should definitely utilize it.

We recommend you pairing as much of these together as you can to make the most of it and ultimate form the fastest way to level up guns MW3 has available.

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