Strongholds are AI-controlled locations in both Warzone 2.0’s battle royale and DMZ mode. They offer rich rewards, which can be crucial for survival and exfiltration.

In DMZ, however, Strongholds require a Stronghold key to access. Clearing out a Stronghold is also part of the Storm the Stronghold Legion faction mission, which you need to complete to unlock the White Lotus faction and its Tier 1 missions.

Here’s how to get a Stronghold key and finish the mission.

Where to find Stronghold key in DMZ

There are two ways to obtain a Stronghold keycard in Al Mazrah. The most straightforward route is to simply purchase one from a Buy Station for $5,000. If you don’t already have enough cash, you’ll need to sell some items you find.

Buy Stations are marked by a white shopping cart icon on the Tac-Map.

While the key isn’t always available at every Buy Station, this method generally remains quicker and more reliable than the alternative, which is waiting for AI enemies to drop one.

Random AI enemies around Al Mazrah have a chance of dropping a key when killed. The key will drop on the ground alongside the rest of their loot. It is bright blue and fairly easily recognizable.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 DMZ Stronghold Key
Credit: Dot Esports

Once you have the keycard in hand, you can enter a Stronghold. This will issue a warning to all players that you are attempting to take a Stronghold. The Stronghold’s icon will then glow red on the Tac-Map, marking your location.

And even after you’ve completed the Storm the Stronghold mission, you may still want to take on Strongholds. Any weapons you find and extract will be permanently unlocked in both battle royale and multiplayer, so it pays to continually seek out the best loot.

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