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We all know that Call of Duty Warzone is a tricky game to master.

From its battle royale musings to its thorough customization of weapons and classes, there’s just so much to learn, regardless of whether you’re first picking up the game, or you’re a longtime CoD veteran.

Warzone best settings guide on controller, graphics, and audio
Credit: ONE Esports, Activision
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Fortunately, there are a few top-tier streamers out there that are willing to educate the community and share the latest meta strategies, weapon loadouts, and tips and tricks.

In this article, we list down the five best Warzone streamers who can help you improve.

Follow these five best Warzone streamers to become a better player

5. ZLaner can teach you how to be a controller god

Zack "ZLaner" Lane of OpTic Gaming
Credit: ZLaner

While COD’s best shooters usually use a mouse and keyboard, Zack “ZLaner” Lane shot to fame as Warzone’s very own controller god.

ZLaner’s impressive pad skills were a sight to behold with many blindly accusing him of hacking.

Operator Riptide in Escort game mode in ONE Esports' image for the best controller settings in Modern Warfare 3
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After easily proving how his claw technique actually works in a two-part video, he eventually made his way to stardom, and became a content creator for the renowned organization OpTic Gaming.

If you’re a console/controller player, he is your best bet in picking up some quick skills to apply in your own games.

Learn from ZLaner through his YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) channels.

4. TimTheTatman is all about the laughs and good times

TimTheTatman during his last Twitch stream of 2021
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports

Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar brings a more wholesome attitude to Warzone’s fast-paced squad action.

His Warzone streams are a mix of skill, humor, and genuine interaction with his audience. As the lovable guy of any squad he joins, Tim shows that true wins actually come from friendship and teamwork.

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He may not be the most mechanically skilled, but his endless passion to improve is something that every aspiring player can look up to.

Watch his videos on YouTube and TikTok. You can also follow him on Instagram and X.

3. Aydan is a big winner in Warzone esports

NYSL Aydan next to Atlanta Faze and operators in Call of Duty Warzone
Credit: New York Subliners, Atlanta FaZe, Activision

Aydan “Aydan” Conrad is a force to be reckoned with in both the Warzone streaming and competitive scenes.

As a top-tier professional player, he’s renowned for his exceptional aim, strategic gameplay, and clutch performances, which enabled him to be the first Warzone player to earn US$200,000 and US$300,000.

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His ability to consistently dominate matches has earned him a massive following on streaming platforms, where he entertains viewers with his high-energy gameplay, engaging personality, and effective guides.

His impact on the Warzone community is undeniable, as he’s not only a skilled player but also a significant influencer who shapes the game’s meta and trends.

Aydan streams on Twitch and uploads his game highlights and tips on YouTube. He also shares updates on his Instagram and X accounts.

2. TeeP delivers with high kill counts and incredible montages

TeeP for best Warzone 2 streamers
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports

Stepping out of the COD pro scene in 2016 and into the world of content creation, Tyler “TeeP” Polchow brings nothing but the best shooting to Warzone.

TeeP emits a quiet bravado to the game that’s reflective of his esports background.

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With multiple major championship titles under his belt, including a world championship title, he brings a wealth of tactical knowledge and competitive experience to his streams.

Though he’s not as rambunctious as other Warzone streamers, his squad wipeouts and pinpoint movements are a must-watch for anyone who wants to instill the clutch mentality.

See his incredible plays on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, and X.

1. JGOD is the best Warzone streamer for breakdowns and theory-crafting

JGOD for five best Warzone 2 streamers
Credit: JGOD

If you need someone to help you crunch out the numbers, look to James “JGOD” Godoy.

Instead of the usual kill montages, JGOD uploads videos that break down the viability of different guns and perks.

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The content creator explains things to a tee and loves to include test footage as well as spreadsheets and data tables to prove his point.

Aside from in-depth guides, he also has a segment during his streams where he hops on a Discord call with other Warzone streamers and fans to talk about the current state of the game.

Enhance your skills by following him on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and X.

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