If you are unable to play Modern Warfare 3 ranked mode with your party and are getting a message related to skill restrictions, you may want to learn how to fix the Exceeds Skill Restrictions MW3 issue.

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Unlike most errors, such as “your profile was signed out,” “voice service unavailable,” and others, Exceeds Skill Restrictions is not an error but a feature you should know about.

So keep reading our guide as we explain Exceeds Skill Restrictions and how to fix it in MW3 to play ranked matches with your pre-made party without any issues. 

How to fix Exceeds Skill Restrictions MW3 issue

MW3 Rules and Restrictions
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj / ONE Esports

Exceeds Skill Restrictions is a facet of the ranked multiplayer in MW3 that stops players from playing competitive matches way above their Skill Rating and Skill Division.

So, if you are getting the said error message, the only option is to party up with players who fall within your Skill Division.

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For players new to the MW3 ranked mode, there are eight Skill Divisions in the game and except for the Top 250 division, every other offers three tiers.

That being said, here are the restrictions placed on players based on their Skill Division:

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  • Bronze to Platinum: Players within this Skill Division can play with each other without any restrictions. 
  • Diamond: Players in this Skill Division can party up with players within two Skill Divisions
  • Crimson to Top 250: Players in this Skill Division range can only party with players within one Skill Division. For example, Iridescent players can party with the Top 250, but Crimson cannot. 

MW3 ranks and divisions
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj / ONE Esport

So before starting a ranked match, ensure your party meets the Skill Division requirements.

On that note, the Skill Division of the party is decided based on the player with the highest Skill Rating and Skill Division.

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Say, for example, if your party has two Silver and one Gold player, then the Skill Division of the party will be Gold, and the matchmaking will be done on that basis.

That’s everything you need to know about MW3 Exceeds Skill Restrictions issue.

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