Are you ready to become a killer DJ?

Season 11 of Call of Duty Mobile adds creativity to its gunplay with the D13 Sector, a brand new secondary launcher.

Instead of rockets or grenades, the D13 fires discs that can slice through multiple opponents at a time.

Weapon attributes of the D13 Sector

Weapon attributes of the D13 Sector in Call of Duty Mobile Season 11
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports

The D13 is made to bully opponents in close-quarters combat. When it comes to damage output, the gun’s discs can easily one-shot opponents and ricochet off walls for collateral kills.

While the D13 packs a punch, the launcher uses a one-disc magazine, forcing you to reload after every shot.

If you’re eager to be your squad’s top fragger, the D13 can help you grab a multi-kill with just one well-timed trick shot.

Fire rate22

How to unlock the secondary launcher in Call of Duty Mobile Season 11

To unlock the D13 Sector for free, you must complete Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 11 event, Disc of Doom, found in the Seasonal tab of the Events menu.

The secondary weapon will be rewarded after you complete the sixth and final challenge in the event.

Here’s a list of all six challenges and their rewards:

1Laund in Bus Station three times in battle royale (BR) matchesx5 Weapon XP card
x1,000 Battle Pass XP
2Kill 10 enemies in Bus Station in BR matchesx200 Credits
x1,000 Battle Pass XP
3Use armor plates five times in BR matchesNinja Greenrock camo
x2,000 Battle Pass XP
4Open airdrops three times in BR matchesx15 Weapon XP card
x2,000 Battle Pass XP
5Kill 10 enemies with a customized weapon from your loadout in BR matchesChilled Coil frame
x5 New Year Token
6Place in the top three in BR matches onceD13 Sector
x3,000 Battle Pass XP

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