The Modern Warfare 3 beta has given players a taste of what’s to come, and it has people very interested in the MTZ 556.

If you’re interested in seeing what it’s all about, Call of Duty expert Hero on YouTube has you covered. He recently shared a video going over the best MTZ 556 loadout and gameplay to prove it.

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The best MTZ 556 loadout to use in the MW3 beta

Best MTZ 556 loadout in Modern Warfare 3
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

According to the popular creator,

Kicking things off, Hero chooses the HMRES Mod Suppressor muzzle thanks to it being undetectable by radar and providing greater bullet velocity.

For the underbarrel, it’s all about control. The Bruen Heavy Support grip is chosen for it’s increase to gun kick control, horizontal recoil, firing aim stability, and aim walking steadiness.

The 5.56 NATO High Grain is the ammo of choice thanks to its increased bullet velocity and damage range, making it formidable at a distance.

For the stock slot, the RB Crotalus Assault makes the cut. This attachment continues the control theme with improved recoil and gun kick control.

And lastly, the Bruen TR-24 Assault rear grip rounds out the loadout. No surprise, its addition brings more firing aim stability and recoil control.

Hero’s best MTZ 556 loadout:

MuzzleHMRES Mod Suppressor+0.09, +0.18
UnderbarrelBruen Heavy Support Grip-0.34, -41.13
StockRB Crotalus Assault StockN/A
Ammo5.56 NATO High GrainN/A
Rear gripBruen TR-24 Assault Grip-0.39, -0.33

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