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Sometimes when you drop into DMZ, it’s more about not losing what you got, and that’s what dead drops save you from.

In this article, we’ll be sharing all of the Ashika Island dead drop locations you can use when jumping into DMZ.

Throughout the map, you can find dead drop locations in which you can deposit gear you don’t want to risk losing and save yourself from the sorrow.

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There are four Ashika Island dead drop locations to utilize in DMZ

All Ashika Island dead drop locations in DMZ
Credit: WZHUB

In Season 6, there are a total of four dead drop locations on Ashika Island. Luckily, WZHUB provides the locations of each and we’re here to pinpoint them for you.

Once you’ve made it to the locations, make sure to look for a dumpster, that’s going to be the dead drop.

E5 – Ashika Island Town Center North

For this one, you’ll want to get to the northeast of the Town Center. At roughly the border of E5 and E4 you’ll want to find a small building across the street from the gas station. On the back side of it, you’ll the dead drop.

E6 – Ashika Island Beach Club

Not far off is the Ashika Island Beach Club dead drop. It’s not actually in the beach club, but actually on the backside of the gas station just north of it up the road.

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G5 – Ashika Island Underground Docks

To get to this one you’ll need to find one of many entrances to the underground dock. You can get there via an inlet by using a boat or find a tunnel at Tsuki Castle.

G3 – Ashika Island Residences

And finally, you can find this dead drop at the very top of the map. Located in a residential area, there will be two larger houses with a singular small one between them. In the backyard, in the corner of the fence, you’ll find the dead drop.

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