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Sometimes when you drop into DMZ, it’s more about not losing what you got, and that’s what dead drops save you from.

In this article, we’ll be sharing all of the Al Mazrah dead drop locations you can use when jumping into DMZ.

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Throughout the map, you can find dead drop locations in which you can deposit gear you don’t want to risk losing and save yourself from the sorrow.

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There are six Al Mazrah dead drop locations to utilize in DMZ

All Al Mazrah dead drop locations in DMZ
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If you’re looking to find exactly where all six of the dead drop locations are, then you’re in for a treat. Luckily, WZHUB provides the locations of each and we’re here to pinpoint them for you.

Once you’ve made it to the locations, make sure to look for a dumpster, that’s going to be the dead drop.

G5 — East of Al Bagra Fortress

For the first on the list, you’ll want to head to the southeast quadrant of Al Mazrah. On the east side of Al Bagra Fortress, there will be a building on the outskirts. If you find the building, you should be able to spot the dumpster.

E5 — Northeast of Zaya Observatory

This one is going to require you to watch out for enemies. As a regular hot drop in DMZ, there are plenty of both AI and real players. Head to the Zaya Observatory where you’ll move to the northeast. There you should see a trio of houses where you’ll find the dumpster you’re looking for.

D3 — Sattiq Cave Complex

For this one you’ll want to find the ambulance and tent in the center of, but outside of, the Sattiq Cave Complex. If you’re in the cave, you’re in the wrong spot.

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F5 — Akhdar Village center

This one isn’t easy. The Akhdar village center dead drop is surrounded by AI that wants to see you sent back with nothing. You’ll need to make your way to the main bazaar square, the dumpster will be by one of the main entrances.

G6 — Al Sharim Pass

For this one, you’ll want to head to the peak of the Al Sharim Pass and head to the hill in the village. Find the building to the south, diagonally, of the hill and there should be a dumpster there on the west side.

D4 — Zarqwa Hydroelectric

Head to Zarqwa Hydroelectric, spot the bridge, and voila. There should be a dumpster right next to it.

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