Apex Legends returns to the forefront of the battle royale genre with a promising addition of cross-play in its latest October update, the Aftermarket.

Respawn will now be allowing players from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin (and Steam once it launches) to queue up together. Once you log into the game, beta cross-play will be automatically enabled so you can instantly add your friends and squad up.

While you may be able to play with other platforms, director Chad Grenier confirmed that accounts will not be able to transfer their progressions onto a different platform as of now.

“Cross-play does not mean cross-progression. While we do believe this is a valuable feature, it’s unfortunately not available for Apex Legends at this time,” stated Grenier. “However, we will talk more about this at our Steam launch later in the year.”

In terms of matchmaking, Respawn has already released the inner-workings of cross-play squads. First off, platform players will only play against another user in the same platform to ensure that there are no keyboard and mouse PC players within the same match as controller players. Once a console player enters a squad with a PC player, they will automatically be put into PC matches.

If you happen to hate the idea of cross-platform gaming, you can easily disable the option in the settings menu. This will ensure you that you will face users on the same platform who have also disabled cross-play, but Respawn has already said that cross-play-disabled games may have higher queue times due to cross-play being automatically enabled.

Apex Legends will debut its cross-play beta along with the Aftermarket collection event on October 6.

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