Following a remarkable eight-part series of masterful storytelling, the Pluto anime ending has left its audience pondering a multitude of unresolved questions.

Pluto, the anime series based on Naoki Urusawa’s celebrated manga and inspired by Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy, specifically “The Greatest Robot on Earth,” captivated audiences with its intricate plot and thought-provoking themes. With a runtime of 8 hours, the complexity of the story can be daunting to newcomers to the anime genre, but it is well worth the investment.

Hercules, Brando, and Mont Blanc during the 39th Central Asian War
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Pluto’s story unfolds in a world where humans and robots coexist harmoniously. Robots have taken on various roles once performed by humans, contributing to society’s betterment. The series commences with a mysterious murder that shakes the peaceful coexistence of humans and robots. The victim is Mont Blanc, a gentle robot working with the Swiss Forestry Service to restore nature. His gruesome death sets off a chain of murders, each with a robot or a human advocate for robot rights as the target.

If you were able to watch the whole series, you might be wondering about some of the events that have transpired. Let’s go back and take a look at the events that have unfolded in the Pluto anime ending.

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t watched Pluto

Pluto anime ending explained

Why was Gesicht’s memory erased?

Gesicht flashback scene
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Gesicht is a celebrated robot detective working for Europol. He is assigned to investigate these perplexing murders. Gesicht’s peculiar alloy body, augmented with powerful weaponry, makes him an ideal candidate for the job. As he delves deeper into the investigation, Gesicht unravels a chilling pattern—the perpetrator aims to eliminate the seven most powerful and famous robots globally.

Gesicht flashback scene with wife and daughter
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As Gesicht races against time to protect the remaining super-robots from impending doom, the series delves into the aftermath of the 39th Central Asian War. All seven super-robots, including Gesicht, were involved in the conflict, and they shared a dark secret. During the war, Gesicht had committed the unthinkable — he killed humans. This act was concealed from him by his creators, who wiped his memories to protect him from the guilt and repercussions.

Gesicht feels anger for the first time
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Gesicht’s transformation from emotionless machine to compassionate father figure adds depth to the narrative. His desire to protect his adopted son, Robita, leads him to commit an act of retribution when a robot-hating human kidnaps and kills Robita. This incident unravels suppressed emotions and a hatred for humans, resulting in the murder of the kidnapper. His creators erase this traumatic memory, but it continues to haunt him.

Who is Pluto?

Pluto when found by Gesicht
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The identity of the perpetrator behind the robot and human murders is eventually revealed as Pluto, a super-robot created by Professor Abullah, the former head of the Persian Ministry of Science. Pluto is driven by the vengeful memories of Sahad, Abullah’s son, who died in the Central Asian War. Sahad’s AI was implanted into Pluto, fueling his rage against the world. Another monstrous robot, Bora, is unleashed, causing global havoc.

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The creation of Pluto and Bora is tied to the unnecessary intervention of Western powers in the kingdom of Persia. President Alexander of the United States of Thracia, who was guided and advised by the supercomputer Dr. Teddy Roosevelt, misinterpreted the intentions of the Persians, leading to devastating consequences and the birth of these vengeful super-robots. This serves as a thought-provoking commentary on the consequences of hasty military actions and international intervention.

What happened to Atom and Pluto during the final battle?

Final battle during the Pluto anime ending
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The climax of Pluto centers on Atom’s valiant attempt to stop the apocalyptic destruction planned by Bora, which also resulted in the death of several humans and robots, including the main protagonist Gesicht. Atom confronts Pluto, who initially stands in his way, but a heartfelt connection forms between them. Atom’s decision to forgive Pluto’s actions instead of resorting to violence highlights the series’ central theme — the destructive and cyclical nature of hatred and vengeance.

As Atom confronts Bora, Pluto willingly sacrifices himself to protect Atom and stop the catastrophic plan. Their clash results in a massive explosion that destroys Pluto and neutralizes Bora. This act of selflessness saves the world from impending doom.

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Amid this critical face-off, the malevolent Dr. Roosevelt meets his demise at the hands of Brau-1589, the incarcerated robot who holds the dubious distinction of being the first machine to kill humans. This outcome effectively nullifies the influence and authority of President Alexander and the United States of Thracia.

The Pluto anime ending is a poignant and emotionally charged culmination of a story that weaves complex themes of vengeance, redemption, and the consequences of war. The series highlights the power of forgiveness and the futility of violence while drawing a parallel to real-world conflicts driven by misunderstandings and hasty decisions. It leaves viewers with a powerful message about the importance of understanding, compassion, and the capacity for redemption in a world plagued by violence and hatred.

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