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Mark your calendars for the Solo Leveling Arise release date, as Netmarble’s action RPG brings the beloved characters and story of the manhwa and anime to life.

Here is your chance to play Jinwoo, the legendary hunter, alongside other iconic characters in the Solo Living universe.

All Solo Leveling episodes and where to watch them
Credit: A-1 Pictures
All Solo Leveling episodes and where to watch them

Let’s delve into what you need to know if you’re eager to join the hunter association and close down gates.

Solo Leveling Arise release date

Solo Leveling main character Jinwoo Sung looking defeated seen in season 1 of the manga as the featured image of ONE Esports' "Where to read Solo Leveling manga right now" featured image
Credit: A-1 Pictures, ONE Esports
Where to read Solo Leveling manga right now

The official release date of the Solo Leveling game is May 8, 2024.

At the time of writing, the game is in its pre-registration phase.

Solo Leveling game pre-register guide

Solo Leveling Arise system requirements for PC and mobile
All Solo Leveling game characters in Arise: Ranks and backgrounds
Solo Leveling game platforms: Where you can play Solo Leveling Arise
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Solo Leveling characters: Meet all the hunters in the anime

To pre-register, visit the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, or the official website for PC users.

Once the game is released, it will automatically install on your chosen platform.

Solo Leveling Arise official poster featuring Sung Jinwoo
Credit: netmarble

For PC pre-installation:

  1. Click the Schedule PC Auto-Install button on your PC to download and install the Netmarble Launcher.
  2. After installing the Netmarble Launcher, run it to access the Auto-Install page.
  3. Schedule an Auto-Installation on the Auto-Install page.

Full list of Solo Leveling Arise characters

Solo Leveling Arise characters Jinwoo Sung, Hae In Cha, Choi Jong In, Blood Red Commander Igris, and Tusk
Credit: Netmarble

Here is a comprehensive list of all playable characters in the Solo Leveling game:

Sung JinwooS rank
Hae In ChaS rank
Emma LaurentTBD
Choi Jong InS rank
Yoonho BaekS rank
Tae Gyu LimS rank
Jinho YooD rank
Chul KimA rank
Joohee LeeB rank
Jinchul WooA rank
Taeshik KangB rank
Heejin ParkB rank
Song Yi HanE rank
Byung Gu MinS rank
Dongsoo HwangS rank
Dongsuk HwangC rank
Bora LeeA rank
Sangshik KimD rank
Chiyul SongC rank
Kyuhwan JoC rank
Credit: Yen Audio, Chugong
LISTEN NOW: Solo Leveling, Vol. 3

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