The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure saga continues with a new teenage protagonist.

JoJo part 9, titled JOJOlands, follows the story of Jodio Joestar, a 15-year-old delinquent who lives in the archipelago state of Hawaii. Set in the present day, he and his cross-dressing brother Dragona are looking to make millions in a new heist opportunity from their boss.

To get you acquainted with the new cast, here’s a detailed introduction to Jodio Joestar in JOJOlands, including his background story, personality, and first appearance in the manga.

Who is Jodio Joestar in JoJo part 9, JOJOlands?

Jodio Joestar of JoJo Part 9 as cover of March 2023 Ultra Jump
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Jodio Joestar is the main protagonist of JOJOlands, the grandson of Joseph Joestar, and the cousin of Yoshikage Kira.

Since JOJOlands is the third part in the second continuity after JoJolion, the names mentioned are alter egos of prominent characters from the original continuity.

The story begins with Jodio and Dragona getting pulled over by the Oahu police for driving a stolen vehicle. Things turn awry when one of the officers start sexually harassing Dragona.

Angered by the situation, Jodio steps out of the pickup truck and uses his stand November Rain to take out the cops.

The officer retaliates by shooting, but Dragona gets in the way with his own stand, Smooth Operators. He moves the officer’s eyeballs to the back of his head, making him miss the shot.

After Jodio burns the cop car to get rid of evidence, Dragona uses Smooth Operators again, which appear as miniature robots, to alter their IDs and their license plate.

The brothers drop off the truck at a junkyard, where a group of gangsters unload a stash of drugs from the trunk.

Jodio elaborates on his family’s situation. His mother — who works at a duty-free shop at the airport — is well-respected by the community because of the brothers’ activities behind the scenes.

By the age of 11, Jodio became a gofer who transported cash and other items to certain clients. His dream is become filthy rich through the use of “mechanisms”, a term Jodio uses to relate to social aspects and ecosystems. He considers his high school as a mechanism.

After school, Dragona and Jodio work at a Kalihi-based fashion boutique called Iko Iko. Owned by their principal Meryl May Qi, the place is actually a way to launder her money from criminal activities.

As the boss of their secret circle, Meryl May Qi relays information about heist opportunities to the brothers and petty thief Paco Lovelantes. The latest one is about a 24-karat blue diamond, priced at six million dollars.

She mentions that the owner is Japanese and will be staying in a mansion in Hawaii island. Since it’s a big accommodation, Meryl adds one more member to the group, Jodio’s oddball senior from high school who buys drugs from him.

Despite the initial confusion from the trio, Meryl assures them that he’s actually a good student and will be an asset during their heist.

Personality and powers of Jodio Joestar

Jodio often acts tough and ruthless to survive on the streets of Hawaii, but he shows a softer side when around his mother and brother. As a JoJo, he makes sure that his family name is recognized and respected by other townsfolk.

When Jodio is doing his deals, he tries to be discreet so his cover as a high schooler isn’t blown. During a swap meet with a senior, he manhandles him on the bus for talking loudly, but eventually apologizes and delivers the goods.

Jodio’s stand, November Rain, is a towering creature that drops balls on their opponents whenever Jodio takes a step.

First appearance of Jodio Joestar in JJBA

Jodio first appears in chapter 1 of JOJOlands as the passenger of a pickup truck driven by Dragona.

Where to read and watch the JJBA series

Fans can read JoJo parts 1-6 in English through the official VIZ Media website. JoJo part 9 has yet to be officially released in English.

Seasons 1-4 of the anime series are available on Disney+, YouTube, and Netflix. Part 5 (Stone Ocean) is an exclusive release on Netflix.

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