As anime fans look forward to watching Chainsaw Man and Blue Lock this month, the world of manga gets its own fix with the return of a beloved shonen franchise.

Shonen Jump has announced that the Hunter x Hunter manga will have an official release date after a four-year hiatus. Author and illustrator Yoshihiro Togashi teased the manga’s return earlier this year by posting cryptic sketches on a new Twitter account.

Shonen Jump reveals official release date of new Hunter x Hunter manga chapter

The latest Hunter x Hunter chapter is slated for an October 24 release as part of Weekly Shonen Jump No. 47 (2022). It will also be simultaneously published for English readers on the VIZ Media website.

The manga is currently on its 390th chapter in its eighth story arc, the Succession Contest arc, which was released on November 26, 2018.

While the majority of the story is centered around Gon Freecs, the manga’s latest arc puts the spotlight on Kurapika as he gets entangled with the Kakin Empire’s 14 princes on the Black Whale ship.

Fans can expect a few more releases lined up after chapter 391. According to Togashi’s initial tweets in May, there will be “four more chapters for the time being.”

You can check out more of Togashi’s sketches on his official Twitter account.

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