Step into a world where overworking yourself leads to an unexpected adventure. 

Fluffy Paradise introduces us to Akitsu Midori, a 27-year-old who finds herself in another world after succumbing to the perils of a hectic life. 

Bestowed with a unique ability to be adored by non-human beings, Akitsu, now known as Nema, navigates the realms of fluffiness as the youngest daughter of a noble family.

Fluffy Paradise Volume 1 book in Amazon
Credit: Himawari, Kirouran
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Join us as we unravel the heartwarming escapades of a protagonist finding solace and joy in the love of fluffy creatures.

Fluffy Paradise release date

Fluffy Paradise thumbnail image from official trailer
Credit: EMT Squared

The whimsical show’s release date is on January 7, 2024.

Fluffy Paradise story

Fluffy Paradise official art from animation studio EMT Squared
Credit: EMT Squared

In the story, protagonist Akitsu Midori, having met an untimely end from overwork, awakens in a parallel world with a unique gift — to be loved by non-human beings.

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Now known as Nema, the youngest daughter of a noble family, she navigates a world teeming with fluffiness, striving for humanity’s survival. 

This heartwarming tale seamlessly blends the fantastical with the relatable, promising viewers an enchanting journey filled with endearing characters, magical encounters, and the irresistible allure of a love that knows no bounds.

Fluffy Paradise characters

Fluffy Paradise Volume 2 book in Amazon
Credit: Himawari, Kirouran
ADD TO CART: Fluffy Paradise manga, Vol. 2
Nefertima OsfeAi Kakuma
WilherdGenki Ookawa
SolKenji Nomura
Daleland OsfeToru Furuya
MorikiTomoaki Maeno
LarsTaketora (武虎)
Kanadia OsfeHaruki Iwata
Ralph OsfeShuuichirou Umeda
KamiShinichiro Miki

Fluffy Paradise trailer

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