Time to plan your weekend anime binge sessions ahead of all the new April anime 2024.

The Spring anime release schedule is always jam packed with new and exciting anime to watch.

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The 10 best shonen anime to watch with your nakamas

With so many new releases, don’t be surprised if you missed a few announcements.

Keep up with all the hottest April anime 2024 releases with ONE Esports’ master release date list. Don’t forget to bookmark this page to keep track!

Release date of all April Anime 2024

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Here are all the newest April anime 2024 releases in order of release date.

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April 1-7

April 1Gods’ Game We PlayMondayA genius gamer and a bored former Goddess face off in the ultimate, and possibly nonsensical, brain games.
April 1Train to the End of the WorldMondayDespite a mysterious phenomenon in their town, Shizuru and friends board a derelict train, driven by the hope of finding their missing companions at its unknown destination.
April 1Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac – Battle for Sanctuary Part 2MondayA desperate race against time unfolds as Seiya and his fellow Saints fight their way through the Zodiac Temples to reach the Pope and save Athena.
April 1San Xiuzhi WangMondayOrdinary repairers achieve enlightenment through their hard work and spiritual connection.
April 1Rokurou no DaiboukenMondayThe world is under attack after twelve protective amulets are shattered, but Rokuro, immune to the curse, embarks on a journey with his siblings to save everyone.
April 2Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets the Wise WolfTuesdayA lone merchant seeking his fortune stumbles upon a forgotten wolf deity yearning for home, sparking an unlikely partnership that blurs the lines between profit and companionship.
April 2The Banished Former Hero Lives as He PleasesTuesdayDisowned for lacking a magic gift, a reincarnated hero with a hidden past is targeted by his ex-fiancée on his quest for freedom.
April 2I Was Reincarnated as the 7th Prince so I Can Take My Time Perfecting My Magical AbilityTuesdayReincarnated as a prince with memories of his past life as a sorcerer, a young boy dives headfirst into magic despite the challenges of being ten years old.
April 2Touken Ranbu Kai: Kyoden Moyuru HonnoujiTuesdayFour swordsmen, bound to the memory of their demon king Oda Nobunaga, travel back to the Honnō-ji Incident where they must choose his fate.
April 2YouTuNya 2nd SeasonTuesdayThree feline streamers – Nya, the underdog, Tomoneko, the superstar, and Tsuyoneko, stuck somewhere in between – navigate the purr-sonal and professional challenges of the online world.
April 2Ageo to TimTuesdaySome fuzzy friends live on a planet with no sunshine, but they’re happy as little glowbugs!
April 4A Condition Called LoveThursdayClueless about love, a high school girl gets swept off her feet by a persistent boy’s kindness, leading her to explore uncharted emotional territory.
April 4Laid-Back Camp Season 3ThursdayLost after a failed bike ride to Mount Fuji, Nadeshiko stumbles upon a lone camper, Rin, who becomes her unlikely guide in the world of outdoor adventures.
April 4Bartender: Glass of GodThursdayA hidden bar in Ginza serves up more than just cocktails – it offers solace and solutions through the magic of a gifted bartender’s touch.
April 5That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3FridayCrowned Demon Lord, Rimuru throws a festival to welcome all races while facing a fabricated war declaration and Hinata’s arrival, forcing him to discern friend from foe to build his dream nation.
April 5Wind BreakerFridayA lone wolf fighter seeks the ultimate brawl at a notorious delinquent school.
April 5The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3FridayIn a world where magic is channeled through tech, a seemingly ordinary student hides a unique power that challenges the established order.
April 5An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf BrideFridayA socially awkward sorcerer falls for a rare elf slave at an auction, leading to a hilariously clumsy journey of love.
April 5Re:MonsterFridayReincarnated as the weakest goblin, Goburou uses his past life memories and a unique ability to rise through the ranks of a monster world.
April 5A Salad Bowl of EccentricsFridayBroke detective Sousuke gets a magical roommate, a princess with a crash course in modern world Japan.
April 5Astro NoteFridayA culinary Casanova lands a job (and a crush) at a quirky boarding house, unaware his dream girl is an out-of-this-world entity.
April 5Nijiyon Animation 2FridayThirteen girls at Nijigasaki High School must unite as idols to save their beloved club from disbandment!
April 6Girls Band CrySaturdayThree Tokyo girls, bruised by life’s detours, find solace and belonging through the unifying power of song.
April 6Highspeed EtoileSaturdayA former ballet hopeful with a need for speed, Rin Rindou ditches her NEET life to become a racer in the high-octane world of NEX Race.
April 6Yatagarasu: The Raven Does Not Choose Its MasterSaturdayIn a world ruled by shapeshifting humans, a quirky young boy named Yukiya becomes entangled in courtly intrigue as he serves an eccentric young prince.
April 6The iDOLM@STER Shiny ColorsSaturdayMano Sakuragi, scouted by a talent agency, joins forces with idols Hiori Kazano and Meguru Hachimiya to form the unit illumination STARS.
April 6Hey! TonboSaturdayRaised by her fisherman grandfather on a remote island with homemade golf courses, Tonbo meets a washed-up pro golfer seeking a new beginning.
April 6Shibuya♡HachiSaturdayOnce a statue honoring loyalty, Hachiko the dog comes alive in modern Shibuya to enjoy a carefree life with his new friends.
April 7Go! Go! Loser Ranger!SundayForced to reenact their defeat every Sunday, a rebellious monster infiltrates the human army alongside a mysterious warrior, but their fight for monster freedom takes a tragic turn.

Now, someone must take up the mantle and challenge the system.
April 7Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young AgainSundayAn elderly couple’s love story gets a wild twist when they wake up young again, navigating youthful bodies with old souls.
April 7Sound! Euphonium 3SundayKitauji High’s band club president Kumiko must manage new members, rivalry with a talented transfer student, and the pressure of national competition goals before graduation.
April 7Mission: Yozakura FamilySundayA socially awkward teen marries into a spy family to protect his friend, becoming a secret agent and unraveling family mysteries.
April 7As a Reincarnated Aristocrat, I’ll Use My Appraisal Skill to Rise in the WorldSundayReincarnated as a noble with the unique skill to appraise potential, Ars gathers the ostracized and talented to build a powerful territory in a war-torn world.
April 7Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the NightSundayFour outsiders in Shibuya, an illustrator, ex-idol, fiery Vtuber, and enigmatic composer, unite anonymously as the art collective “JELEE.”
April 7Blue Archive the AnimationSundayKivotos, a city divided between independent academies, descends into chaos after the disappearance of the General Student Council president.

Schale, the academy city’s newest club, is tasked with restoring order under the guidance of a mysterious Sensei.
April 7The Duke of Death and His Maid Season 3SundayA cursed Duke with a lethal touch finds himself flustered by his maid’s reckless affection.
April 7The FableSundayAfter one too many kills, legendary hitman Fable is forced to take a year off with his driver, disguised as ordinary siblings. But their “normal” life comes with a deadly condition: no killing, or they’re both dead.
April 7Vampire DormitorySundayA jobless, “beautiful man” stumbles into a deal with a picky vampire who needs a blood boy with a secret twist: Mito isn’t actually a boy!
April 7The Yokai Next to MeSundayIn a charming town where yokai, humans, and gods co-exist, a house cat’s unexpected evolution into a nekomata sparks a summer of self-discovery, blossoming friendships, and a touch of supernatural intrigue.
April 7Himitsu no AiPriSundayShy Himari joins Paradise Academy to make 10,000 friends, but a secret idol debut and her best friend’s hidden past complicate things.
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April 8-14

April 8Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 Part 2MondayA pathetic shut-in gets a second chance at life in a fantasy world, wielding magic and forging bonds to redeem his past failures.
April 8Chillin’ in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat PowersMondayTransported to a magical kingdom to fight evil, Banaza, a hapless merchant with no magical or combat skills, is cast aside by the king.

However, a hidden power awakens within him when he reaches level two, offering a chance to change his destiny.
April 8Super XiangMondayPin Xiang, a talented but unskilled high schooler, chases his dream of becoming a legendary soccer player.
April 9Unnamed MemoryTuesdayTo break a deadly curse, a prince climbs a perilous tower to bargain with a powerful witch, only to find himself smitten and proposing marriage instead.
April 9Tadaima, OkaeriTuesdayStay-at-home dad Masaki and his husband Hiromu navigate the joys and challenges of raising their son Hikari in a new neighborhood.

While building a loving family, they encounter both heartwarming friendships and lingering shadows from their past.
April 9Rinkai!TuesdayAfter decades of dormancy, women’s bicycle racing roars back to life in the Rinkai League, fueled by a legendary champion and a new generation of dreamers.
April 10Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3WednesdayYearning for a quiet life, Kazuma considers becoming a monk, forcing his dysfunctional party to embark on a potentially final adventure to fulfill a princess’ request.
April 10Mysterious DisappearancesWednesdayAspiring novelist Sumireko teams up with her flirtatious co-worker Ren to investigate mysterious occurrences in their city, unaware of the secret Ren holds that could unravel everything.
April 10The Many Sides of Voice Actor RadioWednesdayHigh school voice actress classmates Yuuhi and Yasumi, complete opposites who hate each other in real life, put on a show of perfect friendship for their radio listeners.
April 10Oblivion BatteryWednesdayOnce a dominating duo crushing dreams on the pitch, amnesia-stricken catcher Kaname and his pitcher partner Haruka reunite at a weak high school. Now, they must face former rivals, all while rebuilding a team and their own shattered past.
April 11Viral HitThursdayBullied student Hobin turns the tables on his tormentor by accidentally going viral for a fight, launching an unlikely Newtube streaming career built on brawls.
April 12The Misfit of Demon King Academy Part 2FridayReborn after sacrificing himself for peace, the once-demon king Anos must now infiltrate a discriminatory academy to reclaim his title in a weakened world.
April 13Kaiju No. 8SaturdayDisillusioned janitor by day, monstrous hero by night, Kafka gets a second shot at his dream after a kaiju parasite turns him into the very creature he’s sworn to fight.
April 13Black Butler: Public School ArcSaturdayCiel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian, tasked as the Queen’s guard dog, investigate disappearances at a prestigious school in 19th century England.
April 13Shadowverse Flame: Arc-henSaturdayLight and his allies clash with the enigmatic Arc as Light strives to save his magic club and potentially the world.
April 14Whisper Me a Love SongSundayA mature girl’s foray into love gets complicated when her admirer confesses love for her music, not her.
April 14The New GateSundayShin, a legendary gamer who frees thousands trapped in a deadly game, finds himself transported 500 years into the game’s world after defeating the final boss.
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April 15-21

April 17The Grimm VariationsAll availableA chilling anthology reimagines classic Grimm tales with dark twists.
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April 22-28

April 25Mahjong Soul Kan!!ThursdayThe Jyanshis take on new challenges like live streaming and travel, while still getting into their usual charming mishaps.

Where to watch April anime 2024

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You can watch the new April anime 2024 releases on their respective streaming platforms when they air on their released dates.

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