We first brought you a healing arrow to the knee with Ashe’s support build, but how about a League of Legends: Wild Rift Miss Fortune support build? 

Yes, this could probably raise a few eyebrows form your teammates, but it’s actually gained more acceptance than support Ashe, and is regarded as one of the more creative metas in League of Legends.

Recommended Wild Rift runes for Miss Fortune support 

Font of Life is pretty much a given if you’re taking up the support role. Make sure the skills Make It Rain and Bullet Time are well-placed, and you’ll easily trigger Font of Life. 

Because Make It Rain also slows opponents, Weakness is another useful rune. Add in Loyalty to give bonuses to yourself and your allies, and cap it off with Sweet Tooth for some extra gold.

Items to buy for the Miss Fortune Support build

Wild Rift, Miss Fortune Support
Screenshot by Mika Fabella/ONE Esports

The first two items of the Miss Fortune support build revolve around Ability Power whilst taking advantage of the slows from Make It Rain.

Liandry’s Torment does extra damage to enemies that are slowed, and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter further amplifies the slow from Make It Rain. 

Next, you can go for Tear of the Goddess, and upgrade to Archangel’s Staff. It adds mana and ability power, and reduces cooldown, which also helps Miss Fortune stay alive longer thanks to the shield that activates when things are dire. 

Upgrading Ionian Boots of Lucidity to Redemption adds more healing for the whole team. 

For the remaining items, you can opt for Morellonomicon to reduce healing of opponents. Protector’s Vow also works well with ability power and movement speed.

In general, when playing Miss Fortune support, opt for items that cripple enemies and boost your allies. There’s no need to invest too much on damage, since your teammates will be taking care of that. 

How to play Miss Fortune support on Wild Rift

The main idea is to spam Make It Rain whenever you can to slow enemies, as this triggers all the other debuffs the build offers.

After opening with Make It Rain, feel free to deal more damage with Double Up, or even Bullet Time. This Miss Fortune support build still packs quite the punch, especially since they increase her ability power.

When done right, the Miss Fortune support build gives you the best of both damage and healing roles. Not to mention, it’ll definitely surprise your opponents too!

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