Only the top two remain at the Wild Rift Horizon Cup, Riot Games’ mobile MOBA world championship currently being held in Singapore.

China claims the crown as the strongest region in competitive Wild Rift, with both Da Kun Gaming and ThunderTalk Gaming securing the grand finals. But who will win the Horizon Cup – the outsiders, Da Kun Gaming, or the established team, Thundertalk Gaming?

Da Kun Gaming Huiba welcomes opponents to the jungle

Da Kun Gaming Huiba at the Wild Rift Horizon Cup
Credit: 2021 Riot Games, Inc. Used With Permission

Da Kun Gaming was an early favorite at the Horizon Cup, and they seem to be well on their way to taking the championship title. The team has only lost two games in the entire tournament – once to Rolster Y in the group stages and once to Team Secret in the semi finals. 

A large part of this is their superstar jungler Fangjun “Huiba” Li, who is poised to take the title of best jungler in Wild Rift. Da Kun Gaming center their playstyle heavily around Huiba and taking full advantage of the rotations to maximize opportunities to gank opponents.

Huiba is especially effective on Jax, able to effectively take objectives while dealing massive amounts of damage. He has also played Rengar, Kha’zix, Graves, and Fiora in the tournament. 

Thundertalk Gaming Z is the best Wild Rift player in the world

ThunderTalk Gaming Z at the Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021
Credit: 2021 Riot Games, Inc. Used With Permission

Thundertalk Gaming have defied the odds at the Horizon Cup, fielding a team of three substitutes due to visa issues with their original roster. Only Wenchao “feibai” Peng and Tianhua “Z” Zhou remain of their original Horizon Cup team. These two players even had to switch out of their usual roles, feibai taking on the Baron lane from being a mid laner, and Z from Baron to mid.  

Despite the last-minute roster and role switches, TT, like their brothers DKG, have been undefeated so far at the Horizon Cup. 

Z has been hailed by casters and analysts as the best Wild Rift player to date, thanks to his uncontested mechanical skill. Z has won the most MVPs in the group stages of the tournament with seven, with Huiba coming in second with four. 

Z has shown a wide champion pool in the mid lane, from masterful plays on assassins like Diana and Zed, and more unconventional picks like Riven, Vayne and Malphite. 

Both of these teams have been undefeated so far. Who ends their undefeated run at the grand finals and who takes home the Horizon Cup?

Who do you think will win this matchup? If you can predict the winner, you could win a Wild Rift Champion straight out of the brand new League of Legends Arcane series on Netflix.

Look out for posts on Riot’s official Wild Rift Facebook page, as well as the official ONE Esports Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and leave a comment predicting the winner, as well as why you think they will win. Winners will be chosen from the best correct answers. Catch Da Kun Gaming vs Thundertalk Gaming at the Wild Rift Horizon Cup on Wild Rift Esports’ Twitch channel.

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