Myoui Mina of K-pop girl group Twice recently revealed that on a special Twice comeback episode of Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time radio talk show that she has purchased a gaming PC complete and a full set of gaming gear so she can “play properly”.

She then laughingly told everyone that her older brother became jealous because of her full gaming setup.

Mina has always been known as the gamer among the girls of Twice, playing a lot of games on her phone whenever she has the time. She has played Nexon titles Elsword and Sudden Attack, games that Twice have promoted in the past.

Minari has been playing games even before she came to South Korea to pursue an idol career. Back in her home country Japan, she was a fan of Bandai’s Tamagotchi, the egg-shaped craze of the late 90s. She also owned a Nintendo DS where she raced a lot with Mario Kart.

Before getting a gaming PC, Mina used her laptop to conveniently play Xbox Game Studios’ Minecraft.

“I used to play this on my phone,” said Mina while playing Minecraft. “It’s more convenient on a laptop.”

She finds relaxing and building games fun, like assembling a whole Harry Potter Lego set.

She also appears to be a fan of Stranger Things, as she recently posted a picture of her completed Lego Stranger Things set.

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“I love games where you can focus. When I finish them, I feel proud. It’s great,” said Mina.

Now that Mina has her own gaming PC, will we see her follow a career in streaming, or maybe play a couple of League of Legends matches with her co-member Park Jihyo?

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