Ancient Egypt is coming to Valorant with the new Sarmad skin bundle, featuring intricate designs and motifs inspired by the gods in Egyptian mythology.

The Sarmad collection also offers one of the best weapon selections available of any skin line, encompassing all of the most frequently used weapons in the game.

It features weapon skins for the Vandal, Phantom, Spectre, and Frenzy, in addition to sleek dual-wield blades dubbed the Blade of Serket.

Sarmad means “immortality” in Arabic, and the jade green accents symbolize Ancient Egyptians’ belief in life after death, according to Riot Games.

The Sarmad skin bundle is an ode to the time of the pharoahs

The Blade of Serket, named after the Egyptian goddess of healing and magic and often associated with the scorpion, is one of the best parts of the bundle.

It can be upgraded once, unlocking the second blade for the full dual-wield animation. Both blades curve downward like a scorpion’s tail, a one-of-a-kind design that makes this among the most unique melee skins in the game.

That said, the jade green and gold accents on the other skins look quite similar to the Serenity bundle, with some extra detailing slapped on. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and the extra details make a world of difference.

Each gun is topped with a totem-like animal head, further adding to the overall mystique of the set.

The Frenzy features Bastet, the goddess of protection, commonly represented as a woman with the head of a cat. The weapon’s trigger is also curved, similar to a cat’s claw.

The falcon-headed god Horus adorns the Phantom, and the hilt of the gun clearly depict his feathers.

The Vandal is crowned by the jackal god of the afterlife Anubis, complete with prominent black accents.

Finally, the Spectre pays homage to Wadjet, a goddess often depicted as a cobra. The weapon’s body is fashioned after the scales of the cobra, while its hilt is evocative of the snake’s black tail.

The bundle is expected to cost 5,100 VP when it hits the store on July 13.

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