Updated on April 1, 9:04 a.m. (GMT+8): Updated results.

Valorant NA Challengers has finally hit the halfway point of Split 1.

After five weeks of group-stage action, the 12 teams in the competition have been whittled to eight. The squads with the best records from their respective groups have earned a spot in the playoffs.

M80, TSM, The Guard, G2 Esports, Disguised, Moist Moguls, FaZe Clan, and Oxygen Esports will begin their Mid-Season Face-Off run in the upper bracket quarterfinals. 

The top four teams in the tournament will earn crucial VCL circuit points they will need to qualify for the upcoming Ascension tournament.

What is the Valorant NA Challengers Mid-Season Face-Off?

G2 Esports Valorant roster for Valorant NA Challengers Split 1
Credit: Knights Arena

The NA Challengers Mid-Season Face-Off draws inspiration from the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI). It is the competition between Splits and will ultimately reseed the Challengers teams for the next phase of the NA Challengers season.

Teams that perform well at the Mid-Season Face-Off will be one step closer to Ascension, the tournament that will advance one squad to the VCT Americas league.

NA Challengers Mid-Season Face-Off schedule and results

Valorant NA Challengers Split 1 Mid-Season Face-Off bracket
Credit: TSM

The tournament will run from March 22 to 31.

March 22

Upper bracket quarterfinals

M802 – 0Disguised
TSM0 – 2Moist Moguls

March 23

Upper bracket quarterfinals

The Guard2 – 0FaZe Clan
G2 Esports1 – 2Oxygen Esports

March 24

Upper bracket semifinals

M802 – 1Moist Moguls
The Guard2 – 1Oxygen Esports

March 28

Lower bracket round 1

Disguised0 – 2TSM
FaZe Clan0 – 2G2 Esports

March 29

Upper bracket final

M802 – 1The Guard

Lower bracket quarterfinals

Oxygen Esports2 – 1TSM
Moist Moguls0 – 2G2 Esports

March 30

Lower bracket semifinal

Oxygen Esports1 – 2G2 Esports

Lower bracket final

The Guard1 – 2G2 Esports

March 31

Grand final

M803 – 1G2 Esports

Teams competing in NA Challengers Mid-Season Face-Off

Valorant NA Challengers Split 1 teams qualified for Mid-Season Face-Off
Credit: Knights Arena
G2 EsportsA4 – 1126 – 106 (+20)
Moist MogulsA3 – 2146 – 141 (+5)
Oxygen EsportsA3 – 2142 – 138 (+5)
FaZe ClanA2 – 3130 – 134 (-4)
M80B4 – 1132 – 81 (+51)
The GuardB4 – 1127 – 86 (+41)
TSMB4 – 1140 – 133 (+7)
Disguised (DSG)B2 – 3129 – 129 (-9)

How to watch NA Challengers Mid-Season Face-Off

Fans can watch the matches live on Riot Games Twitch and YouTube channels. In addition, tournament host Knights Arena will also broadcast the games on their Twitch.

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