The VCT SEA Challengers Playoffs started with a bang as BOOM Esports defeated CERBERUS Esports 2-0 in the tournament’s opening match.

BOOM dominated the first map of the series, taking a convincing 13-4 win on Split. But in the following game, CERBERUS’ duelist specialist, Huy Trường “Kishi” Ngô was determined to bring his team back in the series.

After losing to BOOM’s eco buy in the second round on Haven, Kishi and the rest of his teammates were forced to pick up Sheriffs on defense. Fortunately for CERBERUS, Kishi was adept at using the weapon, and scored the first Ace of the tournament.

Even with a counter Phoenix Curve Ball directly thrown at him, he was able to dodge the flash and eliminate two targets. Kishi’s aim was on point as he continued to win rounds for CERBERUS single-handedly.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, for BOOM pulled off an impressive comeback victory. After being down 10-5, BOOM went on an 8-1 round run, sending CERBERUS to the lower bracket.

After the match, BOOM acknowledged that Kishi was a talented player and that he was definitely their biggest threat.

BOOM Esports’ win advanced them to the upper bracket quarterfinal, where they’re set to face Bren Esports. The upcoming bout is a rematch between the BOOM and Bren. Both teams faced one another during the first Masters competition in Southeast Asia, where BOOM got the better of Bren 2-1.

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