Riot Games has launched their first official set of Valorant merchandise comprising a limited edition windbreaker and cap.

Made to commemorate the launch of the game this year, the light, waterproof windbreaker is called Valorant “Defy The Limits”, and bears its signature font and colors, midnight blue and red.

Credit: Riot Games

On the back, the tagline reads “defy the limits” in ten different languages, a nod to the diversity of international agents featured in the game.

For those who would like some protection from the sun, the second item in this premiere series is a 6-panel all-black cap with “VALORANT” embossed on the front.

Fans have responded positively to these drops, with one even asking for Sova branded drones.

The windbreaker is priced at US$120, and the cap at US$30. The pre-order for the windbreaker will end on August 17. It is expected to be shipped out on February 21 next year.

To get your hands on these exclusive Valorant merch, head over to the Riot games store.

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