JYP Entertainment’s five-man Korean rock band Day6 has notified Riot about their interest in writing a song for Valorant.

Through a quoted tweet by Day6’s vocalist Park “Jae” Jae-hyung, the band asked Valorant if they could write a song about the Vandal, one of the best rifles in the game.

Jae is a hardcore gamer and plays League of Legends during his free time, although it looks like he is also a fan of Valorant. Will fans see him and another Korean singer Shannon Williams in future matches?

The proposed Valorant song by Day6 would be similar to Valorant Korea’s K-hip hop song Operator. It is about Valorant’s sniper rifle gun and stars Choi “Nafla” Seok Bae, Jung “Penomeco” Dong-wook, and Yang “Yunhway” Yoon-hwa.

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