How many Valorant ranked games do you need to reach your real rank?

With a soft reset to your rank every Episode, players have to play five ranked games to reveal their rank. This rank will also almost always be lower than the rank you ended at in the previous Episode, forcing you to earn back your earlier rank.

According to Senior Competitive Designer Jonathan “EvrMoar” Walker, the average player needs around 20 to 40 games for their rank to converge with their MMR.

This means that if you play that number of matches in a single episode, you should be close to your actual rank.

You need between 20 to 40 Valorant ranked games per episode

Valorant Competitive Ranks
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

This is the easiest way to know if you’re close to your MMR, said EvrMoar on Twitter. The other way is to look at the amount of RR you’re gaining or losing with every match.

If you are gaining more than you lose, your MMR is higher than your rank and you still have some way to climb. But if you’re losing more RR and gaining less, it means your MMR is below your rank, and the system is trying to push your rank down.

However, the number of games can vary on a case-by-case basis. “The longest we’ve seen for a player to reach their rank/MMR is 100 games,” said EvrMoar. “But we think these may be manipulated, such as with purposeful loss streaks. Or the player may just be really unlucky.”

“If you don’t manipulate or purchase an account, our placement system is pretty good at getting you close to your MMR.”

That said, new players may require more games for the ranked algorithm to settle on their correct rank. “They improve at the game so fast over the course of their first 100 games, so their MMR is off and still increasing on top of their rank,” explained EvrMoar.

The level 20 account requirement to play competitive also helps calibrate competitive MMR for new players. “We get a better idea of a player’s skill before they step into ranked,” added EvrMoar. “Plus, they have to play around 60 to 100 games to get there and it should help them learn in the process.”

So if you’re only playing 10 games every Episode, it’s time to dive back into the server and fill up your Act rank triangle.

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