Philadelphia-based esports network Nerd Street Gamers (NSG) and Spectacor Gaming, home of Philadelphia Fusion, are coming together to host an all-women Valorant tournament on September 12. The FTW Summer Showdown, sponsored by T1 Entertainment & Sports and G FUEL, will feature eight women’s teams competing for a US$10,000 prize pool.

In a post on its official site, NSG detailed their plans for the tournament, which is part of a larger inclusion initiative called FTW: For The Women. Seven teams will be invited directly to participate, while the final slot is allotted for the winner of an open qualifier hosted by GALorants, a women’s Valorant discord community, on September 5.

“We want to give more women a seat at the table in this industry – both for competitors and for women seeking a career in esports,” said NSG’s Senior Marketing Director Paige Funk.

NSG has been one of the most active third party tournament organizers for Valorant. They’ve hosted nearly 20 Valorant events for development teams, which have then gone on to be picked up by major esports organizations. TSM’s Valorant squad originally played under the moniker mouseSpaz early on. Team Envy also made their way up the NA Valorant scene as ‘together we are terrific’ while competing in NSG’s events.

NSG and Spectacor aim to expand the Valorant scene by shining a spotlight on the best female players in the competitive arena. Teams looking to participate in the open qualifier can click here to register.

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