Calling all Valorant gunslingers and sharpshooters.

The Neo Frontier skin bundle will transform the competitive first-person shooter into a wild west showdown, where classic western duels are given a futuristic touch.

The Neon Frontier stands out for its dynamic theme, unique finisher, and custom inspect animation. Additionally, it features a reactive gun buddy that showcases the image of the top fragger.

The collection will include skins for the Sheriff, Marshal, Phantom, Odin, and melee (axe).

It’s high noon in Valorant with the Neo Frontier skin bundle

Noe Frontier axe melee skin
Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games Producer Laura Baltezer said they wanted to pay homage to classic spaghetti westerns and space westerns.

“Normally, animations for a skinline would only be on the final upgrade levels,” said Baltzer. “We changed it up for this skin because we felt like it was important that the animations and audio were reflected in both the old-school and futuristic versions of the skin.”

All skins will have purple, white/blue, and orange/blue variants that apply to the special wanted finisher.

The Neon Frontier’s animations and audio enhancements were incorporated at various upgrade levels, ensuring a consistent experience throughout the skin line.

“We started with more period-appropriate sounds that incorporate natural reverberation and echoes conveying the environmental nuances associated with the genre,” said Valorant Sound Designer Drew Olsen. “As the theme develops, we incorporated more traditional sci-fi sounds to accent the visual elements while still maintaining the core charm established by the old west feel.”

The Neo Frontier wanted finisher animation
Credit: Riot Games

Baltezer also explained that the one-of-a-kind gun buddy updates the player icon in the wanted poster to whoever is the top fragger — and turns red “if that’s you.”

The time-themed skin bundle will be released on June 27 with Episode 7 Act 1.

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