G2’s sole Valorant player, Oscar “Mixwell” Cañellas Colocho went head-to-head with the organization’s CEO, Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez yesterday in the final of G2’s Valorant Invitational tournament.

The tournament kicked off Riot’s Ignition Series initiative, which aims to place a spotlight on individual tournaments on a weekly basis.

The G2 Valorant Invitational included some of the best Valorant talent in Europe. But it was Team Mixwell and Team Draken (with ocelote) who made it all the way to the final.

Before the final started, there was a moment of speculation over whether ocelote could win his own Invitational tournament, however that was quickly shut down as Team Mixwell asserted dominance right from the start.

David “davidp” Prins and Mixwell popped off on Round 7, punishing a 5-man push from Draken’s team into A Long winning the round within 10 seconds.

Team Draken then answered back, with ocelote showing off his FPS skills by stopping Team Mixwell’s C Site rush and getting three kills in the process.

Team Mixwell would eventually win the first game of the series, clutching the 20th round by preventing Adam “ec1s” Eccles from defusing the Spike at A Site.

Game 2 was all Mixwell, as the star player solo carried his team to a dominating 13-1 victory. Mixwell looked like he was smurfing on amateurs with round after round of kills.

Mixwell would later pull off the highlight of the tournament with an Ace on Team Draken as they full 5-man pushed into A.

Mixwell finished Game 2 with an incredible 30/4/2 K/D/A.

As for ocelote, it looks like he made the right choice picking up Mixwell as G2’s first Valorant pro.

And at least he did get one kill — complete with a tactical crouch right after — on his star player.

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